Hotnuts Illusions of Privacy

Thanks for coming to our holiday Hotnuts Illusions of Privacy party. Mary Messhausen had her face done woochie style. People thought she was straight from the Pandora rain forest.

Lady Kaka had the pants loaded when she took the stage and made us all sing: “Bad Incontinence. Ka-Ka-Puuuhh-La-La.”

Abbas won the grand prize in the first Hotnuts raffle: a herbal cookie, a Bernhard Willhelm t-shirt (he believed it) and a Lady Kaka ep.

More pictures after the jump, full set on flickr.








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Come celebrate the holidays with us at Hotnuts Illusions of Privacy. Yes, we’re going with a more mystical theme this month.

After we went seeing the movie, Mary Messhausen come up with her own Avatar dance. It will switch your bio-fluorescent lights on. At midnight we will have the first ever Hotnuts Raffle with lots of illusions.

Scatological sensation Lady Kaka will perform her new hit single Bad Incontinence. We can’t wait to watch the brown mess unfold on stage.

Hosted by Mary Messhausen
DJs Colin Bergh and produzentin
Door: El Blonde Ho

Saturday, December 26, 10:30 pm
$5 cover, free in drag

The Beaver
1192 Queen St. W.

Hotnuts Illusions of Privacy


The pictures from the video shoot to the next Mariah single “Up Out My Face” look very promising. I mean, Mimi and featured rapper Nikki Minaj as dolls, what more can you ask for? Do I have to mention that it is one of my favourite songs of the album?

The song is going to be a single from the Memoirs remix album, which is dropping on February 23.

February is going to be a crazy Mariah month. She is going to perform in Toronto on Feb 9 as part of the Angels Advocate Tour. And Mary Messhausen and myself have front row tickets. I guess I will need to wear diapers, cause I will surely wet myself with some butterfly juice nectar.

UOMF boy - videoshoot

Dedicated to the Last Tsar


Here are some amazing pictures of the new palace of Russian gazillionaire businessman Sergey Vasileva. The palace is dedicated to last Tsar Nicholas II. Check out more pictures at Royal Russia News.

Every photo is another example of the wonderful “enough is never enough” baroque style. I imagine Siegfried & Roy and Michael Jackson as royal guests of the palace.

Let’s move to St. Petersburg. Via Mr Mickey





Bits & Pieces

You first saw Twista, Vixen and Snoopy of the House of Monroe at our Hotnuts Pride party in June. They set the night on fire with their drops.

Now, the three hotties are in the new Junior Boys video, Bits and Pieces.
Check it out below & some backstage pictures.

Directed by Stephanie Comilang
Outfits by Mary Messhausen
Make Up by Miss Margot

Work it, girls!

Miss Margot doing Snoopy

Snoopy, all did

John Waters in Die Zeit

John Waters talks German with Die Zeit.

I really like his take on the word “Trash” and the definition of “good bad taste” and “bad bad taste”. Thanks h. aus f. for the link.

“Das Wort »Trash« mochte ich nie. Es klingt, als ob sich zwei alte Schwule in einem Antiquitätenladen über Rita Hayworth unterhalten.”

“Guter schlechter Geschmack blickt zu seinem Objekt auf und macht sich nicht darüber lustig. Er hängt nicht von Geld oder Bildung ab. Ein älteres Ehepaar, das vor seinem Wohnwagen sitzt und auf rosa Blechflamingos blickt, ist einfach schön. Das ist guter schlechter Geschmack. Der Yuppie, der diese Figuren in seinem Garten aufstellt, macht sich hingegen über die Menschen lustig, denen sie gefallen. Der beste schlechte Geschmack besteht darin, sich völlig ohne Ironie schlecht anzuziehen. Diese Leute wissen oft gar nicht, wie großartig sie aussehen. Und der schlechteste schlechte Geschmack besteht darin, sich verbissen für geschmackvoll zu halten. Schauen Sie sich Victoria Beckham an. Sie sieht immer aus, als hätte sie gerade etwas Schlechtes gerochen.”