New on the Wish List: Eames Elephant

Want the pink one of course!

It’s limited. It’s available in pink. It’s an elephant.
That’s why it is instantly in the top 5 of my wish list. The Eames Elephant.

The Eameses initially designed an elephant out of molded plywood in the 40ties but never put it into production. Only two original prototypes were made. Now available for the first time, the Vitra produced polypropylene version of the elephant is in the style of the Eames molded plastic seating.

I read some where that each color is limited to 1000 trunks, but I can’t seem to find it anymore. The elephants are so cute, even kids seem to like them and ride them in nature, see picture below. So versatile, I need one.

Comes in a cute box

Even kids like them

Author: produzentin

drag entity, pie hands & toptions

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