Hotnuts Legitimate Look

Thanks to all the GothNuts who came out and made Legitimate Look so much dark fun.

Just in time, Mary and myself had returned from a Neon Rave Camo time traveling trip.

Opera Arcana performed 3 wonderful songs, one of them was The Raven.

Mary was so inspired by it that she created a dance named after it & taught everyone on the dance floor how to dance The Raven. This was the moment.

Check out the photos below, more after the jump & the whole set on flickr.


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Goth is a Legitimate Look

Hotnuts Legitimate Look

After a two months break we’re very excited about the upcoming Hotnuts Legitimate Look.

You don’t want to miss the debut performance by Opera Arcana – featuring the legendary G.B. Jones (Fifth Column), who hasn’t been on stage for more than 10 years, Minus Smile (Kids on TV) and Julie Faught (The Pining).

When we asked Minus Smile back in spring to perform at Hotnuts, we never thought that would turn into such a super group. Tomorrow, make sure to check this post again for the wonderful, dreamy video of Opera Arcana’s song The Raven.

And one musical premiere is not enough for Hotnuts Legitimate Look. das hussy has been hard at work on a deep house remix of Woods by Bon Iver. Get your dancing heels ready.

Hosted by Mary Messhausen
DJs das hussy and produzentin
El Bear Ho at the door

Saturday, November 28, 10:30pm
The Beaver, 1192 Queen St. W.
$5 cover, free in drag

On This Is It


When Mary, Toffi and myself saw This Is It in Berlin we were very hungover. We had set up Girlscamp near Alexanderplatz. The cinema was just around the corner. Toffi had not slept the night before because Mary and I did not hear him ring the doorbell from 6 to 8am. Or maybe he sat in front of the wrong door, ringing the wrong bell.

After we sat through the boring trailers, I woke Toffi up: “This Is It. This is the moment.”

“I say that because of love. L. o. v. e.” Michael would say after requesting changes from the dancers or the musical director.

We fell in love with the dancers. The dancer clones in They Don’t Care About Us.

The King of Pop, during a very emotional scene with all dancers and musicians on stage, said that we have 4 years to save the planet. We were with him in a heartbeat. I mean what does Madonna know anyways, who thought we only had 4 Minutes to save the world?

Michael’s outfits were amazing. OK, maybe minus the Ed Hardy pants he wore at one point.

MJ’s stylist for the This Is It concerts was Serbian born Rushka Bergman, who first met when she styled him in Dior Homme for the October 2007 issue of Italian Vogue L’Uomo. For Micheal’s look for the shows, Bergman collaborated with Christophe Decarnin for Balmain, John Galliano, Kris Van Assche for Dior Homme and Riccardo Tisci for Givenchy.

MJ & Rushka

In Givenchy

In Balmain

‘This Is It’ movie showcases Michael Jackson’s fashion comeback, LA Times
MJJ2005 Forum

Where Michael shops
MJ Auction
Pinocchio Statuette

Das ist Bauhaus

“Das ist Bauhaus.” said the lady when I put the vase in front of her at the cash register of the KPM store. I have had an eye or two on this piece of porcelain for ages.

The Vase Halle was designed in 1931 by Marguerite Friedlaender. Ms Friedlaender had gotten her Bauhaus Master Potter designation in 1926, when left the school, and moved to, you guessed it, Halle.

I recommend to put another favourite product of mine on the vase: Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetic’s Lip Tar. Looks extra good in hot pink (they call it anime). You do not only want to drink out of the vase – you want to lick it all day.

Das is Bauhaus.

New on the Wish List: Eames Elephant

Want the pink one of course!

It’s limited. It’s available in pink. It’s an elephant.
That’s why it is instantly in the top 5 of my wish list. The Eames Elephant.

The Eameses initially designed an elephant out of molded plywood in the 40ties but never put it into production. Only two original prototypes were made. Now available for the first time, the Vitra produced polypropylene version of the elephant is in the style of the Eames molded plastic seating.

I read some where that each color is limited to 1000 trunks, but I can’t seem to find it anymore. The elephants are so cute, even kids seem to like them and ride them in nature, see picture below. So versatile, I need one.

Comes in a cute box

Even kids like them

Mario Montez in Berlin

One of the highlights of the Live Film! Jack Smith! festival of the arsenal cinema in Berlin was seeing and meeting legendary underground superstar Mario Montez, who had not appeared in public for 30 years. Mario started his career with the Jack Smith films Flaming Creatures (as Dolores Flores) and Normal Love before becoming one of he first Warhol superstars.
With Jack Smith, he shared a fascination of 1950’s/60’s gay camp icon Maria Montez, who became the source of inspiration for Mario’s drag name.

Jack Smith on Ubuweb
Mario Montez on
Article on Mario Montez with some pictures by Avery Willard, 1971

Marc Siegel and Mario Montez at the opening of Live Film! Jack Smith!

The next few photos have images from Mario Montez’ scrapbook projected in the backdrop. The first two are Maria Montez movie posters.

Poster by Jack Smith

Mario with White Pussy (Warhol’s cat)

Tony Conrad in conversation with Mario Montez

Mary Messhausen, Mario Montez, produzentin

Eat Me, Eat Me, Stuff Your Face.

You can stream Roisin Murphy’s new pumping single, Orally Fixated on her facebook or myspace page.

Eat Me. Eat Me. Eat Me.

My friends at omgblog report that this is one of three new singles to come out over the next months through online distributor AWAL. Orally Fixated will soon be available from The Guardian for free for a limited time. Can’t wait for remixes.

Eat Me! Stuff your face!

Tequila Birthday Madness

Sunday, last party night in Berlin at Berghain Kantine. ND’s birthday with a very special tequila bar by Conny and Zu from Amsterdam. After having been to crazy parties for 3 nights before, Sunday was almost impossible… But the tequila brought back our energy.

Monday morning was also the end of Girlscamp Berlin. Mary Messhausen, Toffi, Prancey Girl and myself had rented an apartment together. More on that later. For now, enjoy the pictures below, more after the jump. Even more on flickr.

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