Rockin’ That Cliff

So, I spent the last weeks at a cottage north of Toronto. I thought I had to get out of the city for some time. And can you imagine, I did not even have access to the interwebz?! Honestly, I do not know how the peoples survive up there.

After awhile, I got into the cottage life style: Get up. Have some bubbly. Swim away your hangover. More bubbly. Visit your friends by boat. Have a morsel to eat for din din. Have a drink. Socialize. Have more drinks. Pass out on the patio of your newly found friends. Wake up in the morning with no recollection on how you got home.

It was one of those days when I set out for a special cruise.
Be sure to check out the short clip at the end of the post.

Dress by the one and only Prancey Girl.

Boarding with da Veuve.

The map was supposed to show me the way to the cliff pirates.

Finally, I was on the boat & on my way. Fun. Fun. Fun.

Ok. This was not all fun. But a lady knows her way up.

The reward for reaching the top. Me and my best friend, Veuve.
Pure joy. You know I like to pop a cork or two.

Striking a couple of poses on top of the cliff: The one-legged harlequin.

Uhhhh, the fresh breeze up my dress felt so good. I wanted more.

Hasch mich.

Another cliff pose: Becoming a tree.
Now, I really need to cool off…

Watch out lake: Here comes Proddy.

Caught in the act.

I felt like a chipper fish in the water.

Hanging off da cliff.

Fizzy sensation downstairs.

Like a water nymph.

Air mattress to the rescue.

Total chillaxation.

For extra pleasure: loop the big splash below.

Author: produzentin

drag entity, pie hands & toptions

21 thoughts on “Rockin’ That Cliff”

  1. Oh wie wahnsinnig gut! Ich liiiebe Dein Outfit und der Sprung ist so unglaublich spektakulär! Du bist wie ein funkelnder Diamant inmitten herrlichster Natur!

  2. Sehr schön, da kommt gleich Neid auf. Und dieses Outfit ist wie für eine richtige Arschbombe gemacht. Dafür lieben wir dich, du kleine Seerose!
    Gruß aus FFM

  3. you are the cutest.
    Claude, you need to get over HURRRR, so we can have some nature fun togethurrr.
    And Kiki, you have to perform at Hotnuts, we’re waiting for you.

  4. What an uplift you gave my day!
    Bravo Bravissimum!

    (My Favoritin is “Caught in the Act”)

  5. From Governess General to Ontario Travel Commissioneress, she’s surriously takin ovah. Welcome back doll xo

  6. everything has been said by the comments before. but i have to say it once more, anyway: great outfit, amazing pictures, captivating story and tons of action. the best photo love story ever!
    p.s.: how did you make your hair still look so good after the jump?

  7. If cottaging over here could only be this vibrant … mind you I’m sure one still encounters the fizzy down below!! Great dress by the way. The whole thing is very Esther Williams … Produzentin is the new swim-drama starlet!

  8. I love every single photo, you look amazing!
    The wet Proddy is my favourite of course…
    But what happened to the cliff pirates? Did you meet one or did they even pull you out of the water?
    Having another “Veuve” together? Hasch mich, I am yours to discover!!!!!
    Want more!

  9. doc nancy, I just got a wig-bukaki right before the photo shoot. keeps everything tight & in form.

    oh bradley, I’m still so happy I was able to snatch that dress from you. miss you much. Prancey Girl is da best.

    bitz, I wasn’t able to find the pirates, I guess they were nailing some roofs elsewhere.

  10. soooo damn good. god u look stunning and so natural in a nature city. big city girl takes on mother nature!!

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