Desperately Needed: Tiffany Keys

Worn alone or layered, Tiffany Keys are innately chic, keepers of a mysterious message for the keyholder to know and the curious to imagine.

The sentence above from the press release just sums it up. Who writes these things? I think I could very well fit in that writing team.

Tiffany Keys are available in Sterling Silver, Gold, Platinum and White Gold. Buy them right hurrrr.

Mmmmh, I would love to get some White Gold nick nacks. Or a couple of them in different materials. I need something mysterious & curious dangling around my neck.

T is for Tiffany Keys

Tiffany & Co. announces a new jewelry collection that holds the key to personal style and reveals the renowned jeweler”™s great legacy.

The new Tiffany Keys Collection is inspired by keys from the Tiffany & Co. Archives. The work of skilled goldsmiths and silversmiths, these exquisitely crafted vintage keys unlocked jewelry and keepsake boxes, albums, diaries and steamer trunks, as well as private clubs and country manors. (source)

And this is all Sabs fault. Thanks.

Author: produzentin

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