Tweet Me, Mariah

I’ve been on twitter for a little while. And now it’s perfect: Mariah tweets!
What’s even more exciting is that Mimi is recording a new album. I guess it is to early to say but how about a release date before Christmas, latest next spring?

“Just so you don’t think I’m lazy,I did work all nite and its 4am..but I’m “still layin up in bed it’s 3:27″ name THAT tune if u can! Hint B” #

“I am sittin here writing lyrics in the bed waiting for my husband to get home!!!!!(Watching Slumdog- again) and painting my nails..”500hrs” #

“goodmornting! Yep. I was up til like 8am yesterday listening to the new songs w/raerae and Shawn etc and now I gotta sleep all day(cont)
So I can sing tonite again. But I love what I’m doin so yay! Have a great day. No bleakness! Loveyamuch, “your girl” track 10 EOM album: ) “#

“Hey! Just finished 2 songs. Now I get to eat a bleak morsel of “food” and get some sleep! I enjoyed ya’ll profusely today/night. God Bless!” #

Author: produzentin

drag entity, pie hands & toptions

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