Easing into Family Day

We celebrated Family Day with a party in the gay village at Straight. Mary wore her amazing stuffed toy scarf and of course I was happy to wear a Mary dress. Margot did my make up and we were ready to go.

Between my dj sets Mary and I got acquainted with a couple of cute boys. However, we couldn’t decide on whom to start a family with, so we ended the night like we always do: eating. Yummy.

Thanks to the Eva Christina’s for inviting us over.
Check out the pictures (NSFW) after the jump.

Chopped & Skrewed: Proddy & Mary




Cameron & Luis

When I saw that Kyle was wearing Boss, I knew he was into Germans. Score.

With my new bff, Jonathan
Mary and I met Jonathan for the first time two years ago.
Just recently, he was the fabguy. In the fab magazine column he announced that he’s ready to settle down. I told him, I want to move to Thunder Bay with him.

She was just chilling in the washrooms

Brendan J

I'm not sure how this happened. But we love lipstick dicks.

Author: produzentin

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4 thoughts on “Easing into Family Day”

  1. Dear Prodi
    Next Time be carefull.
    Your Makeup looks like Bäppi Labelle.
    Next Crossing Main Stream!

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