Proddy’s ABC of Online Shopping

As you may or may not know, living in Canada sometimes feels a little bit like living in a fashion desert. After 3 years in Toronto, I have turned it into a virtue. After hours, days, months on the interwebz, I have found my favourite online stores. Of course, I had to select the shops based on their Bernhard Willhelm and Martin Margiela availability.

The list below will give you an unparalleled view on the websites I spend most of my time at. Click. Click. Click. Shopping Cart. Cart. Cart. Buy. Bought. Bought.
And when you find yourself buying from the stores, just think of it as your own personal economy stimulus plan.
Pump the money back into the financial system!

Proddy: Buy. Bought. Bought.

# B Store
Mary introduced me to b-store. We met up in London and paid the b a visit. It was such a pleasurable experience, because the Bernhard truck had just unloaded a couple of Muumuus (pictured above & below). After leaving London, I called Kirk & Matthew a week later and ordered another BW fix. Brilliant service & always some hot shit to look at.

# Corner, The
A sister site to, The Corner sells the most recent menswear collections. I’m still not sure why they don’t ship to Canada ( does). I sent them an email once a month asking about shipment to Toronto but to no avail. I hate them a little bit. What I usually do is get my order shipped to Germany and a friend has to FedEx it to my place.
Another weird thing is that some of the labels are available in European countries but not in the US, for instance Bernhard. So make sure you select different countries to get the whole experience. Make it work.
It looks like they will be getting Walter van Beirendonck for summer. Bernhard, Margiela, Raf Simons, Viktor & Rolf are already there.

# Doshaburi
One of my favourites. Doshaburi is from Japan and they have a shop in Barcelona, where they ship from. When I went to the store last summer, there was always a very friendly Japanese woman working there, helping me with my hysterical questions. One of the best Bernhard Willhelm (men’s only) sites, they carry so many more exciting designers, it would take me months to list them all. Last time I ordered, I got a Bernhard poster / look book thing with my sweater. Amazing. Buy something now!

# Far Fetched
One stop for 20 shops in old Europe. Haven’t gotten anything fetched yet. Can’t be long. B Store is part of Far Fetch, too, so you can actually shop with them twice. Neat.

# Fatal
I love Fatal, based in Minneapolis of all places, but have to say their sale is not the best. Most of the clothing gets reduced by 30% only. But who cares? I got my beautiful & humongous Bernhard pot scarf (picture above & below), that I wore as a dress from them.

# Good Hood
I haven’t personally ordered anything from Good Hood, but I like their site and selections. That’s easy, because there are a couple of Bernhard women’s dresses that I would like to get my mittens on.

# Kron Kron
From Reykjavik. In the summer, they had wonderful dip dye Bernhard dresses. They are sold out now & I can’t wait for the new deliveries. Click them daily.

# Oki Ni
They have some Margiela, Raf Simons etc. The current specialty is the Opening Ceremony Collection by Wong Kar Wai. Get yourself some film shirts.

# Reborn
Based in the old town of Montreal, this is the only Canadian store on the list. Birgit and myself stopped by the lovely store last year & threw some serious dough at the welcoming sales people. My favourites lines here are Bless & Zibskov. Mary loves herself some Complex Geometries. Reborn also has the Six Scents perfume collection; therefore they are the only place in Canada where you can get Wicken 3000.

# Seven
The Bernhard usually sells out pretty quick at this New York store. If you want a specific piece, you need to call them around the time when the new collections arrive and get pictures sent BEFORE they post them to the website. Otherwise, the best stuff is already gone. You snooze, you loose.

# 10 Corso Como
I can’t wait from 10 Corso Como to open their online boutique. Comme des Garcons galore. Went to their shop a couple of years ago, when I was in Tokyo. I want to go again, right NOW.

Proddy: Buy. Kaufen. Acheter.

I haven’t included in the list above as they only ship within the US and you have to use an US credit card. Thank you very much. However, I have to admit, that I ordered a MMM necklace from them last year, and had to use a service company from Florida that bought it on my behalf and forwarded the precious metal to me. There is always a way to get the item you need!

Apart from all the online stores, I can recommend randomly calling Margiela boutiques around the world to ask about products you really need. For instance, my dear friend Mary Messhausen loves the diamond necklace, bracelet and ring (pictured below)! Call them NOW.
I personally like to chat with Colin from the NYC Margiela boutique. He is very friendly and last time I was at the store, his arm was broken, which added some extra cute clumsiness.

Back when I lived in Germany, I only shopped at Heimat. If you’re ever in Cologne, you have to pay them a visit. Andy and Andreas are in charge of my favourite store in Germany & they publish the amazing Mode Depesche, for whom I did an interview with Jean-Paul Lespagnard and other articles.

MMM Diamonds

So now, keep the economy going and buy. bought. bought.

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34 thoughts on “Proddy’s ABC of Online Shopping”

  1. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
    Finally I can leave my transparent life behind.
    I`ve already ordered one wonderful piece of fashion in every shop.

  2. So toll! Reborn ist ein fester Bestandteil meiner 50 Tabs, die sich jeden Morgen wie von selbst öffnen! Jetzt kommen noch 9 weitere dazu!

  3. Cannot find the Labradoodle puppies from Bless. Or was ist Viktor & Rolf. Are they breeding some for H&M?

  4. It`s alsways more, more, more on this blog. Can`t handle this any longer!

  5. OMG! You have no idea, what you just did.
    I have had a major problem: I was sitting on my money. A huge amount of money! Actually a mountain of money. I didn`t know, how to spend it and look amazingly good at the same time. So I`ve tried several things like adopting a lot of babies, but they wouldn`t give me one. Not even a very, very, very small one, like a pygmy. Maybe also because I am constantly moving from one huge apartment to another even bigger one, just to waste money. Lost all my friends, cause they couldn`t find me nowhere.
    First Order:
    Cummerbund Trouser Gina by BW
    Blutjung dye Black and white cropped jacket by BW
    Culturism Dip Dye Spot Top by BW
    and its just the beginning

  6. Is there any online shop, where I can order the Mary Messhausen Collection? Need it. They have to ship to the Ocean, because I live on a yacht.

  7. Luise, it’s nice to meet you! I’m glad you asked this question. I’m actually setting up my own online boutique right here at In order to accommodate my sea-dwelling clientele, we will have a super express shipping service in which the packages will be delivered by helicopter. And for an extra fee, the delivery tranny will give you a lap dance.

  8. Madeleine: Thanks so much, it was styled by my friend Prancey Girl.
    WWW: I got it in the mail. mailed. mailed. Now, it is always looking over my shoulder.

  9. Is this a Mary Messhausen puppet in the vid? Oh, and thanks Madame Messhausen, can`t wait for my first lap dance!!!!

  10. owl fan, I love that Mary has a Scottish accent & I’d love to have a cute black lamb, just like Scottish Mary. Me cute black lamby.

  11. UGH! OH NO! i am not even going to click on any of those links. fyi, DO NOT order anything from a store that ships ups. i only started this internet shopping thing recently and i got a nice surprise (read horrible surprise) from a man in a brown uniform bearing acne boots and more than a few dollars worth of customs and shipping and handling charges :(. on the other hand, i really love my boots.

  12. jaime, I’ve been there. to me it is like playing the lottery. I’m hoping for a cute delivery boy to deliver his package.
    Five minutes ago – I had my hopes up again – said man in a brown uniform dropped a delivery for a friend of mine from Germany. but I had drawn another blank. shet.

  13. I know that you hate me this week, but I’ve just spent half an hour on your blog. This post is very brave; I wouldn’t give out all of my tips to people like me!

    xo (See you tonight)

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