I’m a litte bit late with this, but jut now I saw the pictures below at El Fashionista. In case you were wondering what Roisin Murphy wore during her latest tour and the concert that was streaming on her website, two of the best outfits are by Cristophe Coppens.
CC was trained as a theater director and actor. Started his own fashion line in the 90ties, made hats for Yohji Yamamoto and Guy Laroche and became the milliner of the Belgian royal family.

And now, I also want to carry a deer on my back.
Such an amazing look.

Model in CC

Caught in CC

Author: produzentin

drag entity, pie hands & toptions

3 thoughts on “CC”

  1. Mary, you better hunt down a Bambi before the next Hotnuts. Someone will have to get one for the Prodi! I saw one in the zoo at High Park, that’ll be an easy target.

  2. hush, I’m usually too drunk to be able to catch bambi (believe me, I’ve tried). Maybe I’ll use a moose for her instead, shall we go hunting? xox

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