Me Loves Bücherstapel

Where are the Creatures?

Above is a photo of a page from Place Space, the magazine featuring John Waters at home. So, of course, this is showing one of his many book piles.

And what can we see CLEARLY in the pile to the right? John Waters has a copy of Ausserirdische Zwitterwesen / Alien Hybrid Creatures, the book by die Professorin Michael Krebber.

Below is my personal re-visualisation of the book pile for your viewing pleasure.

Alien Hybrid Creatures are Everywhere

Well done.

Author: produzentin

drag entity, pie hands & toptions

10 thoughts on “Me Loves Bücherstapel”

  1. oh that’s so nice

    and i say hello from frankfurt
    eric became gastprofessorin in städelschule ! those are news that you maybe do not know yet ?
    viele grüße, professorin

  2. mich würde interessieren, wie lange das drappieren des bücherstapels sowie die auswahl gedauert hat. ebenso das vinyl 😉

  3. oh oh. I have changed the flickr settings. now you can click the pictures for super xxxxl versions. doh.

  4. Ich bin so stolz auf euch beide! Ist das Chucky’s Braut hinter den Pralinen?
    Liebste Grüße aus der Versenkung…

  5. liebste doc nancy,
    ich bin so froh von dir zu hoeren!
    es koennte wirklich eine Chucky Braut Bueste sein.

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