Night: Furnuts

So much fur last night, I’m glad we didn’t get PETA paint bombed. Thank you all for the fun times.

Fay Slift is the best big girl. Loved her performance. Watch it on youtube.

More pictures after the jump.
Mary, PG, my dress by Mary.
Mary, PG, my hair by PG.

Just sipping
Finally, Mary and me had cocktail glasses that matched our thirst

Fay performing

das hussy

Prancey Girl

with Ei and the CN Tower

Gentleman Reg and Stuart

Mike, Fay Slift, Glen

Mary and the nudist

Anne & Holly


Mary and Steph


Chicks we liked


Vampire Slut

Chris, Ei, Mary

Jason and Jen

with Andrea

Misty Discharge

Grant and ShoSho

Oliver in front of the Beav

What's my favourite colour?

Mary Messhausen

Author: produzentin

drag entity, pie hands & toptions

14 thoughts on “Night: Furnuts”

  1. where was that great beauty, I think her name is Benazir Iman II, at furnuts? what a great great loss.
    xxoo harry

  2. Oh Harry! How kind. Unfortunately I’m in Europe having consular affairs. See you next time!
    xx BI2

  3. I can’t believe we’re on the internet at the same time. Benazir, I’ll be waiting for you next time. You make the party. xxx

  4. Benazir!! It’s so nice of you to lend your Hotnuts napping pillow to ShoSho in your absence!!

    Miss you darling..

  5. Oh BI2, I hope you’re getting some quality dutch oven time over tHERe. Come back soon and bring lots of prezzies. We’d love some Turkish Delights.

  6. well, us boring fags, we just can’t help it with the boys, specially if they look like cute matthew, who seems to like to color red very much. 😉

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