Two Sides to Every Story

Journey With The Lonely

Based on his release schedule, Mr. Louis Burns can be considered the Kate Bush of house music. Better known as Lil Louis, his last release was the single “Clap Your Hands” in ’97. A great, stomping house song. Of course, before that he released the now classic house albums “Journey With the Lonely” in ’92, featuring the single “Club Lonely“, and his 1989 debut “From the Mind of Lil Louis” including the moaning anthem “French Kiss”.

And now, it looks like a new double album is coming out later this year, titled “Two Sides To Every Story”. Lil Louis’ website is a bit wonky (now updated and pictures only), however a few release events seem to be scheduled. For instance, one in his hometown Chicago on Christmas Day.
Apart from that, there doesn’t seem to be a lot of promotion happening for the release yet. In an interview with Little Louis Vega and Lil’ Louis, LL mentions that only the LLs have his new single “Crazy”.

Aptly titled Two Sides to Every Story, the album is written entirely by Lil Louis from a woman’s perspective, depicting their joy, love and heartache of being with an enigmatic artist. The Double CD, Side A and Side AA is divided between R n B and Dance – it will move you and have you moving. (…) In an unparalleled move, Two Sides to Every Story will be released with a companion book, entitled A Man’s Diary: A Good Man”™s Search for a Good Woman. Louis skillfully uses two art forms to speak candidly about love, life, and relationships.

The text above is taken from his website and together with the album cover below, I can’t help but think about R. Kelly. I’m hopeful that this doesn’t mean anything bad for the new music.

With friends I had so many great party nights dancing to Lil Louis music. I still remember one gay tea dance at Plastik (long closed) in Frankfurt. We were still kind of high from the music when the DJ played the last song. As the music faded out my best friend screamed: “Spiel’ noch ein Lied, meine Pille kommt grade!” (Play another song, my pill is just kicking in) , which was greeted with laughter. Sure enough, the DJ played one more song and we totally freaked out: Club Lonely.

Two Sides

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