Arbeit Nervt

One of my favourite German bands, Deichkind is returning with a new album in October. The record and first single are called Arbeit Nervt (Work Sucks). DikeKid are hailing from Hamburg and started out as a Hip-Hop combo before venturing to their current, more electro based sound.

With their new single Deichkind are again on the border of hick-ness (Prolltum) and party alarm.

The video for Arbeit Nervt is by Alex and Liane, who worked with Bloc Party, The Ting Tings and also did the excellent Deichkind video for Ich betäube mich (I’m narcotizing myself)

Watch Arbeit Nervt and see how much fun beer cans provide.
The HQ clip is currently unavailable on AlexandLiane’s site.
(via spex tweet)



Geh’ du do ma lieber hin für misch.

Author: produzentin

drag entity, pie hands & toptions

3 thoughts on “Arbeit Nervt”

    I can’t wait for it! Yippee Yippee Yay!
    DO you have a special advance copy for Germans?
    Yousenit asap!


  2. you’ll get it as soon as I receive the advance cassette in the mail (that’s what they used for the press previews). xxx

  3. letztes jahr auf einem open-air-konzert haben sie im publikum 2000 bierdosen verteilen lassen; auf kommando mussten wir die dann alle schütteln & aufreißen. großes kino…

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