Mary & Maddy: A Match Made in Hair-ven?

Mary in Lanvin

Ok. This be crazy. It looks like Mary Messhausen shaved her head just to be in Madonna’s latest video Give It 2 Me.

My dear friend Mary left Germany a week ago and now I make this disturbing discovery. She hadn’t told me about it, because she knows I love long hair. Always have. Now, you tell me, who rocked the Lanvin sunglasses better: Mary Messhausen with short or long hair?

Author: produzentin

drag entity, pie hands & toptions

6 thoughts on “Mary & Maddy: A Match Made in Hair-ven?”

  1. long hair mary! but i might be biased because long hair mary´s outfit looks better.

  2. Puppe, I’m sorry I didn’t tell you that I shaved my head, but I went so crazy after you and Die Castle left. I just had to vent my frustration somehow!!! Then, Madge called me up and was like – Mary, love your new look can you pick up some fab shades and come shoot my new video? What’s a gurl to do?

    But now, I’m deciding if I should grow my locks back, or keep it butch? I mean, Mia Farrow is pretty hot..

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