I guess I can say we had a wonderful night at Parage. Everyone was worried it was going to be empty because of the new Rauchverbot in Cologne. But au contraire, there was dancing at Sixpack.

I wish there were cute pictures of Malo, Bernd, Viola, Michi, Oliver, Herr Krebber, Michael & Peter but all I can give you is me on crutches. What can I tell you? I only wanted to have some fun & now someone said I might have a dancing-sporn. This is just screwed up (verkorkst).

Ms Crutches

Author: produzentin

drag entity, pie hands & toptions

2 thoughts on “Verkorkst”

  1. Puppe, crutches already?? You better put your feet up hon, we’ve got a long two weeks ahead of us..

    xoxo Mary

    5 days left!!!!!!!!

  2. and today I have to rest in bed. just chillin’
    but I plan on being up on Saturday.

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