Mary Messhausen hosted Saturday night’s Hothnuts. At first she had the pleasure to welcome Michelle DuBarry for a surprise performance. Such a treat! As it was Prancey Boy’s birthday, Frostitution had prepared an amazing beehive cake. So yummy. After that, Gartina took the stage and turned it into a catwalk with lyrics like: “Sexually assault me – salt me on the runway now!”. Viola brought hot records from Cologne and Detroit. The dancing went on long after last call.

Thank you for coming to Hothnuts and making our last party before the summer break so much fun. We’re back August 23rd.

Hyacinth and Viola got a messover by Mary. My dress by Vanessa.
More pictures after the jump.





Michelle DuBarry checking her email



Michael & Benazir


Vic & Chris

Chris / Brendan

Benazir 'Internet' Iman II



The Sisters

Ruth, The Internet, Michael, Viva La Sholem

with Michelle DuBarry & friends

Prancey Boy getting her birthday beehive cake


Author: produzentin

drag entity, pie hands & toptions

11 thoughts on “HothNuts”

  1. Produzentin, I love to see you retracted into your fashion-shell of butterflies. It’s safer in there after last call when the Jager runs out. What a cruel world without Jager and fat beats.
    Mary Messhausen. You look like a dream. I DREAM OF GENIES! If I rub my magic lamp, will you promise to pop out?
    And my dear Hyacinth, so stunning. Won’t you come over my rainbow too?

  2. We’re missing some real k-y at Hotnuts to enhance our personal intimacy.
    Come back Gingy.

  3. did silver fox superschum log on to the interwebs? did golden champagne v let her hair down? did baby daddy chris dance on his new legs? are hyacint and michelle twin sisters? did anyone save a piece of beehive for me???? to many questions, to much xxx lovely love to all of you!!!

  4. Happy birthday prancey boy/girl!!!!! It’s been so long since I’ve had a mouth full of hair..

    Do we think Hyacinth should legally change her name to Whora Dern?

    and what would we do without the Internet herself!?!?!?!?!?!

    (miss you oli)
    xo Mary

  5. I can`t wait to have you here in Frankfurt for Gay Pride, dearest Produzentin and lovely Lady Messhausen. Drinks in the streets till you drop!!!!
    And please, you have to wear those dresses!!!! You look so…, well you know. Love you! Beaverhausen1 is ready and waiting in hot anticipation. MissV, I want to listen to all of your new vinyl! You look lovely. And Hyacinth, hallöchen, das ist doch mal ein look!!!! Grandios. Es wird zeit für mehr mode in FRA. August 23rd!!!! Can`t wait. Have a hot summer, love Bitzomat

  6. In the D the Toilet sign says: Dolls. It really does. Dear O, miss U… my hair is let down every day now… I wonder why my skin broke out in golden chamnpagne that night. And Nzingha dreamed on silver Supershum: He started a succesfull fine arts career in doing a musical on Umweltschutz. She really did. Love to yall. V

  7. and Bitz… on my way to Record Graveyard. Let’s see what record I can give a new home. Glad to share with U soon.

  8. dear prodi,
    i want to go with you to some outdoor swimming pool when you come to frankfurt next week. and i want you to wear this outfit. must look great in the pool. plus you can’t drown.


  9. Gibt es Sie dann in der S-Bar wieder als DJ, verehrteste Frau Prodi?
    Ihr heimlichster Verehrer

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