Mary Messhausen hosted Saturday night’s Hothnuts. At first she had the pleasure to welcome Michelle DuBarry for a surprise performance. Such a treat! As it was Prancey Boy’s birthday, Frostitution had prepared an amazing beehive cake. So yummy. After that, Gartina took the stage and turned it into a catwalk with lyrics like: “Sexually assault me – salt me on the runway now!”. Viola brought hot records from Cologne and Detroit. The dancing went on long after last call.

Thank you for coming to Hothnuts and making our last party before the summer break so much fun. We’re back August 23rd.

Hyacinth and Viola got a messover by Mary. My dress by Vanessa.
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Michelle DuBarry checking her email

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Your next outfit: Casa da Música

If you’re struggeling with a costume idea for Hothnuts, why not come as a logo based on a building that looks like the Star Wars Sandcrawler?

I’m talking about the Casa da Música in Porto by Rem Koolhaas and its logo.

There are endless possibilities with Star Wars. Don’t go all Princess Amidala or Leia on us. Maybe except if your Leia cinnamon buns are real edible rolls.

Sandcrawler - Casa da Música - Logo

From left to right: Sandcrawler РCasa da M̼sica РCasa da M̼sica logo
(Thanks Kevin R. for the link)

Earlier: Seattle Central Library by Rem Koolhaas


Come and celebrate Hothnuts with us.

Viola is in town and she’ll provide you with kölsche house beats. Also, we’ll be celebrating Prancey Girl’s birthday on Saturday. Be festive & buy her a shot.

The Beaver, 1192 Queen St. W., 10.30pm
$5 cover, free in drag


As Oliver and I are going to be in Germany in June and July we’ll take a summer break.
Hotnuts is back August 23rd.

Green Porno

Green Porno is a series of 8 short films written, directed and featuring Isabella Rossellini made for small, mobile screens. The movies explain the mating rituals of the dragonfly, spider, bee, praying mantis, earthworm, snail and fly.

The Sundance Channel currently only permits US users to view the shorts. But you should be able to check all of them here.

Read the Sundance press release (in pdf) including an interview with Isabella Rossellini: “Then they said … It would be great to do something flashy ““ that was the word they used – that calls attention to these new possibilities. To me, ‘flashy’ translated into sex.”

Below are a couple of screenshots and quotes.
(Thanks Alex)


On the other end of my body I would have my anus – to defecate


I can withdraw my entire body into my shell
Where I could hide my vagina and my penis
I have both

My anus would end up on top of my head – unfortunately


If I was a spider I would have six eyes
And still don’t see very well


Our babies grow up in cadavers
They’re called maggots


I would have a slim slim body

But first I would clean her vagina
To make sure she would only have my babies


If I was a firefly
I would light up my ass at night

Beitrag zu Madonna und wir. Bekenntnisse.

Madonna und Wir. Bekenntnisse, ist zum 50. Geburtstag von Madonna bei Suhrkamp erschienen, herausgegeben von Kerstin und Sandra Grether. Für mehr Details zu dem Buch und einen kurzem Auszug aus meinem Text den kompletten Eintrag anklicken.

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Inside Out

I’m excited about djing at the Opening Gala Party of Toronto’s Lesbian and Gay Film and Video Festival, Inside Out.

The shindigs go down this Thursday, May 15. I’ll be spinning from 10 to midnight. Come early and have some fun. Rory Them Finest takes over after 12, so we’ll keep on dancing. Bring your pointe shoes and join us at Canada’s National Ballet School, 400 Jarvis Street (south of Wellesley Street East).

One of the movies I’m looking forward to see is Wild Combination: A Portrait of Arthur Russell. The documentary is screening on Sunday, May 18. Get your tickets.

Fruitcake Casting

From The Hollywood Reporter:

Johnny Knoxville and Parker Posey are attached to star in John Waters’ Christmas film “Fruitcake.”

The plot is officially under wraps but is said to center on the title character, a boy named after his favorite dessert. He runs away from home during the holidays after he and his parents are caught shoplifting meat, then meets up with a runaway girl raised by two gay men and searching for her birth mother.

This Is That Prods. and Killer Films are producing “Fruitcake,” which once was set up at New Line. ThinkFilm is said to be in talks to come aboard.

Earlier: John Waters interview in NYM

All About My Brother

From the latest Gossip Girl episode, All About My Brother.
I almost couldn’t stop taking screen caps and typing dialogue. OOC.

S and B
S: You don’t even like Asher.
B: I didn’t like last seasons Louis Vuitton patchwork bag either but that doesn’t mean I wanna see it all over town on Jenny Humphry’s arm.

L and R
R: I know Serena went through a similar phase.
L: If Serena’s indiscretions were as PG as Jenny’s I wouldn’t needed the botox.

checking gossip girl
GG: This just in. Asher Hornsby spotted locking lips before class but not with his girlfriend.

G: Eric’s found himself a new boyfriend.
E: Excuse me.

L: This doesn’t make any sense, because that would mean that Eric is… And he’s not… He’s just not… Are you? Oh God…
S: Eric?

E and S
E: When I was at Ostroff, I met this guy and we were going through a lot of the same stuff. And now, that guy, he is dating Jenny.
S: Wait, you are the mystery guy that Asher was spotted kissing?

BG1: Oh my god, Blair crashed Jenny’s party.
BG2: Jenny’s gonna freak.
B: Wait and learn, ladies. The most important parties to attend are the ones you are not invited to.

E: Gossip Girl was right, Asher was kissing someone this morning. Me.

E: I’m gay and so are you.
A: Get this faggot out of here.

gossip girl
E to B: Go ahead and do it.
A: What did you just do?
B: You’ll see.