Eye Candy

I have already booked my tickets for my summer adventures in old Europe (mid June to beginning of August). The only thing I’m missing is sunglasses. Now here comes the predicament. Of course, I’ll be getting some Bernhard Willhelm glasses, his collaboration with Linda Farrow Vintage (he also did a collabo with Topshop). But what color should I snatch? Hot animal print or hot pink?

The picture of the pink glasses is a bit misleading as the gradient is from pink to clear plastic (and not white). Please, help me out dear readers. What color should I pick up? And please don’t give me that “buy them both”, I need to focus on one pair.

Animal Pink
pro pink: It’s the classic proddy color
pro animal: It’s classic fierceness

Author: produzentin

drag entity, pie hands & toptions

8 thoughts on “Eye Candy”

  1. can’t you post pictures on wich you wear both pairs? it’s really hard to decide just like that…
    if this is not possible my advice is:
    buy the animal glasses. i imagine that they will make you look like a fierce animal meeting yves saint laurent which would be great. the classic proddy glasses are definitley beautiful and will suit you well but sometimes it is more exciting not to make the classic choice.

  2. hello, it’s me the spielverderber. I think this glasses are already to known to be worn by a member of the fashion elite like you. this is stuff for people like madonna. please wait two months and buy the cheapest fakes in neon animal print in china town. but if you have to buy one pair because you have to (that’s always a convincing reason) I would prefer the pink ones because I like the transparency factor giving us a perfect view on your beautiful nose skin colour.

  3. gibt es da eigentlich verschiedene modelle für verschiedene nasengrößen fragt sich superschum ?

  4. No, superschum, but the spex come with a voucher for 20% off your next nose job at the local nip’n’tuck.

  5. doc nancy, thank you so much, I was also leaning towards the animal print. but now mary and I went to chinatown, I just got home. thank you malo (mein malo) for the tip. how could I forget about the wonderful knock offs? we’ll wear them stunnas to Hotnuts. xoxo

  6. Dearest Prodi!
    Even if you don´t want to hear it, I expect you to buy both! Plus the other nine models! Be passionately vague!

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