Pepsi Deluxe Snow Day

It’s been awhile since a soft drink company contacted me to do an ad campaign (as the Pepsi Jazz and Coca Cola Blāk jingles were such a success). So I was very happy when Mary Messhausen came back from the motherland with the new south east Asian pop sensation, Pepsi Deluxe.

Today, heaven pumped out another load of the white stuff. To take advantage of the virgin snow, we took our Pepsi Deluxe juices to the toboggan run. When Mary and me got to the top of the hill, we saw little Ella frolicking in the white desert. To gain her trust, we pulled her around the slopes for one hour before running off with her toboggan.

And so, the photo shoot began.
Watch us go down and bump the wood.









We love the Strawberry & Cream and the Creme Caramel flavours

More pictures of our Snow Day on flickr

Mary’s trench coat by Alexander McQueen
Nail polish by Bernhard Willhelm
Perfume M by Mariah
Photos by Oliver

Author: produzentin

drag entity, pie hands & toptions

15 thoughts on “Pepsi Deluxe Snow Day”

  1. all three of you look fantastic in this winter wonderland. can i get the 2nd picture as a poster?
    i am sure that little ella buys a cheap toboggan every weekend waiting for some trannies to pull her around the slopes half the day. it’s part of her strategy that you think you gained her trust and finally run off with the cheap toboggan. that’s how she gets the trannies going.

  2. claude: we could shoot a video there, what do you think?
    doc nancy: and I thought we tricked her. never underestimate da children.
    kevin: drinking pepsi deluxe enhances your lips just like a lip plumper

  3. they certainly could use some green & pink, those Three Nuts for Cindy:

    Talk about Eastern Europe chic.

  4. holy shit
    i thought i just got high off street drugs
    but it was from looking at these fotos
    fuck you!!!

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