Total Paniert

Manchmal habe ich das Gefühl den Anschlussß nach Deutschland zu verlieren.
Das Video sollte bei dem hier in Toronto sehr beliebten Deutschkurs “German for Berliners” zum Pflichtprogramm werden.

Totally breaded. Watch the video and brush up your German.

3 Tage Wach.

Viel paniert

Thanks b.

Author: produzentin

drag entity, pie hands & toptions

7 thoughts on “Total Paniert”

  1. Ick sach ma juti, wa alta!!! I want you Berlin-Addicts to translate this!!! Its easy. I want the lyrics in English here on produzentin.
    Find out, what the song is about. Thats a start.
    If you do it right, I give you a free ticket for Panorama Bar in Berlin!!
    Bonus: Rabendicht, platt wie Scholle, druff wie tausend Mann, weggeballert, hängengeblieben.
    Good Luck!

  2. mirror on the wall, who’s awake for 3 days?
    you and your grandma are awake for 3 days

  3. dear bitz, this is the translation of the google language tool. do i get the free ticket?

    Pill, Palle, all bright
    Druff, druff, druff, druff, druff ..

    Verpeilt and verschallert all verballert.
    Druff, druff, druff, druff, druff ..

    1x repeat

    Let’s, as it’s 3 days awake, next party comes provides 3 days awake.
    After Hours before the Hour, continue.
    3 days awake, now you will slowly weak.

    Full pot throwing, 3 days awake
    Paniert and Ding Dong Ding Dong, 3 days awake.

    Colorful pill Fete, 3 days awake
    Ne pulse as rocket, 3 days awake
    Point clearly point comma, 3 days awake
    You were yesterday, even as 3 days awake.

    Mirror on the wall who is 3 days awake?
    You and your grandmother are 3 days awake.

    Teller to lower jaw, 3 days awake
    In the pants vermin, 3 days awake
    Empty Bottle firemen, 3 days awake
    Running is now no longer, 3 days awake.


    Emergency pharmacy, 3 days awake
    Snot on the wallpaper, 3 days awake
    Verplant, Paniert, 3 days awake
    Fully awake Ungeniert 3 days.

    2x repeat

  4. p.s.: in my eyes they should rethink their translation of the word “druff”.

  5. Dearest Doc Nancy. Unfortunately I cannot accept your translation. No Berghain for you, sorry. There are still to many German words in the lyrics. Please try again yourself.
    But here is a little hint:

    1. druff
    3 up, 2 down

    adjective, adverb orig. German; literatly stands for beeing on (drugs).

    “Look at him, he seems to be very druff!”


    Maybe that helps to get the ticket for 3-day-awake-berghain-nights.

    By the way, everyone in my office is singing the song by now. Everyone at Wurstfilm is druff, druff, druff…

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