Omar’s Little Secret

I’m a bit behind with The Wire, having just watched season 2. Anyhow, I discovered Omar’s little secret: He was in a Madonna music video, you guessed it: Secret.

More interesting than homo Omar is his cute bf, Dante. I would rob drugs for him, too.
More pictures of the faggy-butchy-thug Wire couple after the jump. In total gaction.
Gay. Gay. Gay. Gay Gayness.

Omar in Secret
Omar Little in Madonna’s Secret
Don’t ask me about the Nelly boy behind him, haven’t figured him out. Yet.

Dante and Omar
Dante and Omar in The Wire


Gay. Gay.

Gay. Gay. Gay.

Übergay. Hot.
Dante, Touch My Body

Author: produzentin

drag entity, pie hands & toptions

2 thoughts on “Omar’s Little Secret”

  1. Gay gay gay. There is a funny improvisation in season 4. An officer says while searching the truck of the girl of Marlo’s family: “I’m thinking about pussy”. She replied: “Me too” – in the commentary the writer said: “I would love to take credit for that but I can’t”.

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