Happy Holidays

Thanks for coming to our Hotnuts holiday party. Princess Drifty mezmerised us with her hypnotic beats. Festive fun. More pictures after the jump.

Mary’s dress and Will’s hoody by Mary Messhausen. My dress got a Messover by Mary.

Happy Holidays

Princess Drifty

Mary Messhausen

Prancey Boy

Alex and Will

Oliver and Graham




with Snukie

Isreal and Prancey Boy

Merry Messhausen

Mery and da Boys


with David

Princess Drifty performing

Merry Xmas

Author: produzentin

drag entity, pie hands & toptions

3 thoughts on “Happy Holidays”

  1. hey mary, you finally wear heels. great! now you are a real lady.
    proddy: you look like divine in female trouble. liquid eyeliner addiction.
    i will be on your continent, tommorow. but only for one day.

    xoxo and seasonal greetings,

  2. Thank you produzentin for giving me ‘da boys’ for christmas. They make a lovely addition to my apartment.


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