Buy Me This, Buy Me That

If you’re on your way home
Stop and buy me something
Boy, buy me a bag or buy me some shoes
This is a part of me that I’m trying to get you used to
Buy me diamonds
Buy me pearls
Buy me this
Buy me that
Make me fall deeper in love with you
(Feel Like A Woman)

As you may already know, the new Mary J. Blige album leaked on the interwebs. It is a very well produced record, with classic Mary themes. With Fade Away there is even a slow, self-reflective disco number that has her singing: “Sometimes invisibility would be great”.
Basically, what I wanted to say is that Growing Pains is another favourite Mary album of mine.

Growing Pains

Earlier: Just Fine

Author: produzentin

drag entity, pie hands & toptions

One thought on “Buy Me This, Buy Me That”

  1. I asked now two times already at Satur for Growing Pains. Nobody knows nothing about any new release date. Why are they holding it back?
    Need the invisibility track as U may know, Love.

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