Wake Me Up In February

Basically, I have to go to sleep for two months. Everything I want is available in spring, mostly February only:

  • The new Mariah album (as yet untitled)
  • The new Bernhard Willhelm women’s 2008 summer collection
  • The new Comme des Garcons fragrance 8 88 (smells like gold)
  • The new The Golden Compass 8 DVD Collectors Box Set incl. 1 animal spirit
    Visit the homepage of my cute daemon, Callum. Please.
  • The new Hot Chip album

Meet Callum, omg, how cute!

Author: produzentin

drag entity, pie hands & toptions

11 thoughts on “Wake Me Up In February”

  1. Kyana the racoon is my daemon and I love her, she´s so adorable!
    Let´s have a daemon-meeting some day! Tea and daemons! Sweet!

  2. Dear Claude, I’m very happy you’re into His Dark Materials. Why did I doubt it? Silly.
    Let’s have tea, right now!

  3. Oh, I would LOVE to have tea with all of you and your splendid deamons! I forgot to show you my racoon named Kyana:
    Pandy! Your daemon is sooo beautiful, I just started to make some pottery at the moment, very small teacups for all the daemons! Be prepard for tea!

  4. I’ve taken this Daemon test around 4 times now, and every time I have been somthing else, a mouse, a peacock and a tiger. So what does that make me, A Child???????????

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