Happy Holidays

Thanks for coming to our Hotnuts holiday party. Princess Drifty mezmerised us with her hypnotic beats. Festive fun. More pictures after the jump.

Mary’s dress and Will’s hoody by Mary Messhausen. My dress got a Messover by Mary.

Happy Holidays

Princess Drifty

Mary Messhausen

Prancey Boy

Alex and Will

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OMG, It’s The Angel Of The Morning

OMG, it’s the gay bloggies and my friend Frank of omgblog.com is in the final three. This seems to be the last round of voting, so please give Frank the thumps up.

And kick the others to the curb:
Thumps down right her
One more thump down right her

p.s. If you are wondering what Frank looks like and you are disappointed that he was a no show in his karaoke version of the Angel of the Morning, don’t have a sad face any longer, there’s one picture of him on produzentin.com where he is wearing a cute & slutty Canada shirt.
p.p.s. Now, I can finally come forward with my omgblog obsession. If Frank comes in second or first, I’ll celebrate with him by doing at least one “OMG, he’s naked: (insert celebrity name her)” post. Vote for Frank, vote for nudity!


Syndromes and a Century

I know I’m late to the party, but anyway.
I missed Syndromes and a Century when it showed at the Tiff in 2006. So much has been written about the film, it is on so many top ten lists… It took over a year until the movie by Apichatpong Weerasethakul was screened in Toronto again. I finally saw it last weekend.

Sometimes I think all movies should have two halves. The first half of Syndromes is set in a rural hospital in Thailand, maybe in the 70ties, the second part at a modern day, urban clinic. Both halves begin with a job interview of a new doctor and almost the same dialog.

You might think you slipped through a wormhole while watching the film or was the narrative just mirrored? Is the total eclipse of the sun the first parts version of a black intake vent sucking up smoke in the later part?
The next time, I want the see Syndromes backwards. Back and forth through the wormhole. This should provide the full experience.

And there is the subtle and sometimes absurd humor of a drunken tv doctor, the gay monk who wants to be a dj, the orchid expert. The camera does not move a lot and I guess that adds to the calmness the movie conveys.
If you have a chance to see Syndromes and a Century, don’t hesitate.

Filmmaker’s website incl. Behind the scenes
NYT review
Reverse shot


Buy Me This, Buy Me That

If you’re on your way home
Stop and buy me something
Boy, buy me a bag or buy me some shoes
This is a part of me that I’m trying to get you used to
Buy me diamonds
Buy me pearls
Buy me this
Buy me that
Make me fall deeper in love with you
(Feel Like A Woman)

As you may already know, the new Mary J. Blige album leaked on the interwebs. It is a very well produced record, with classic Mary themes. With Fade Away there is even a slow, self-reflective disco number that has her singing: “Sometimes invisibility would be great”.
Basically, what I wanted to say is that Growing Pains is another favourite Mary album of mine.

Growing Pains

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