The Giraffebu

Today is bringing you another guest blogger in the favourite animal series, please welcome Alex W. (meet Oppebu after the jump):

When Ms Produzentin asked me for my favorite animal, I wasn”™t sure what to say. My favorite species I knew, without question, was the giraffe ““ what”™s not to love, their long necks, spotted fur, and understated attitude. My favorite creature however is my cat, Oppebu, not at all a giraffe, but also with spotted fur. Which would I choose, especially as Oppebu has problems with peoples and species from North Africa or the Middle East, the home of my beloved giraffes?

I thought I”™d do a test and put some of my giraffe memorabilia together with Oppebu, and see who came out on top?
First, here is a small sample of the giraffe paraphernalia that I decided to use as the test:


Item: Giraffe three-touch lamp (broken).
Item: Giraffe toys (four plastic, one wooden, of various shapes and sizes).
Item: Giraffe pillow.
Item: Giraffe hand-puppet.
Item: Giraffe over-sized t-shirt.
Although I had left out some of my favorite giraffe broaches, reading materials, and other such stuff, I still thought it would do fine.

Girrafebu 2
The battle of Giraffe v. Oppebu was drawn out.

Eat the cat
Sometimes the giraffes were on the attack.

Eat the giraffe
Sometimes Oppebu seemed assured of victory.

In the end, I decided as we all had to stay living together we”™d just have to find some way to make our peace: Giraffe my favorite species, Oppebu my favorite creature, and all of us happy sharing our little home.
So, here is my favorite animal, the Giraffebu:

Sleepy sleepy

Author: produzentin

drag entity, pie hands & toptions

5 thoughts on “The Giraffebu”

  1. Your affinity for giraffes reminds me of my mother’s irrational obsession with lighthouses… she has lighthouse wallpaper, lighthouse photos, ceramic lighthouse statues, lighthouse toilet cozies, embroidered pillows with lighthouses and other lighthouse-related paraphernalia. Did Trish Romance ever paint giraffes? You need to move to Mississauga and fully realize your dream.

  2. Alex, I think I’m a little closer to understanding the complex thing that is your friendship with Bojana. With her irrational obsession with cows, and… well, this… I feel like a flickering fluorescent light has been lit in what was the pleasantly incandescent (less than 60w, to piss Bobo off) corners of my brain. Thanks?

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