Going Shopping

Mary and I are at a department store, just strolling around. Looking at a few tops I suddenly discover a Bernhard Willhelm label on one of the sweaters. Mary and I get super excited, why do they sell Bernhard here? The sweater is really beautiful, lots of patterns and nice colours. It looks like it would fit me. I discover the price tag on the lower back: $695. That seems to be OK.
Out of curiosity, I turn the sweater inside out. By doing so it becomes obvious that the sweater is made out of two towels, just sown together at the top and the sides. Some tailoring on the sides provides fitting. Mary and I are exited by the simplicity. I try to put the sweater on, but I can’t get in. It’s too small. Someone in the back of the store yells at us: “This sweater is overpriced and ugly”. (woke up)

Author: produzentin

drag entity, pie hands & toptions

5 thoughts on “Going Shopping”

  1. woooow! i was taken by your dream and never saw the surprise twist. i wish you stayed sleeping and attacked the woman who said the berhard was ugly. you should start a towel shirt line, i want one.

  2. Lucid dreaming. It’s like living in an alternate fantasy…..or a nightmare. I dreamt the other night that produzentin got really angry with me cuz him and Oliver both had children with other lovers before they got together. Somehow I found out about it and was chatting with Oliver about it at the Beaver. I had to shout over the music though and suddenly when it got quiet everyone heard about your babies. You were livid with me, not cuz you had a son, just cuz you didn’t want anyone to know you and Oliver were hiding illegitimate children back in Germany.

    It felt so real. I’m even sceptical to mention it now.
    ps: maybe this is more of an issue to discuss with Doc Nancy.

  3. pps: I also dreamt that Bobo got kidnapped by a bunch of creeps that worked for a whorehouse run by Cher.

    I think the water over here is mostly LSD.

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