Okapi Bebe

Okapi Bebe
Source: Berliner Zeitung

I’m not sure if I ever told you about one of my favourite animals, the okapi. My dear friend Sabs sent me the newspaper clipping above. That reminded me on how bad I want to see an okapi baby.

Need to know facts about okapis (source, source):

  • The tongue of an okapi is long enough for the animal to wash its eyelids and clean its ears: it is one of the few mammals that can lick its own ears.
  • Until the beginning of the 20th century, okapis were known to the native people only
  • The okapi was known to the ancient Egyptians; shortly after its discovery by Europeans, an ancient carved image of the animal was discovered in Egypt. For years, Europeans in Africa had heard of an animal that they came to call ‘the African unicorn’.
  • The okapi is the symbol of cryptozoology – the search for animals that are rumoured to exist, but for which conclusive proof is missing.

Don’t you wish you had a tongue as long as an okapi tongue? You could lick some nuts off of the table with minimal motion. Evenings on the couch would never be the same.

Have a look at a long okapi tongue in action.

I took this photo of an okapi at the Frankfurt Zoo.
Supposedly, there was a baby but it was too shy to come out. I was smad.

Author: produzentin

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11 thoughts on “Okapi Bebe”

  1. Bobby the freak-magnet wo lacht so schön is back!
    Wo man so lacht, da lasse dich ruhig nieder!
    Muß kommen heute in den mickymausclub, Karl-Marx-Allee 36. Urzeit egal.

  2. I really adore your distinct tastes in animals! Maybe you could feature some more species like Angora Rabbits, Leafy Seadragons and my personal number 1 the Hagfish.


  3. dear krull, I was honestly thinking about an animal week last night. So many species to love!

  4. I want an okapi tongue transplant too, licking nuts off of the table at the Beaver would never be the same…

  5. OMG you are turning into a full-fledged cryptozoologist! Next thing you know you’ll be telling us there’s a half marten/half cheetah creature called “the Mariah”.

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