Saturday night started with a major fashion disaster. All the cab companies told us it would take half an hour to pick us up, so Mary, Prancey Boy, Golden Bag and me decided to walk to The Beaver. Mary had her Sunshower costume on, with a gold helium balloon attached to her cloud to represent the sun. It didn’t last long – an angry gust of wind took it away. Lesson learned: Don’t mess with the weather!

The rest of the night was fabulous thanks to all the wonderful dressed up craziness. Thank you all for partying.

Mary’s dress and mine by Mary Messhausen.
More pictures after the jump.

with Mary and Prancey Boy



Jaime and Any Winehouse


Christabel and the monkey

Sad Unicorn and Golden Bag


Hyacinth and Cerise

The Twins

Mary and Organ Boy

with Karen


with Mary and the record
More pictures of the record

Amy and Prancey Boy


Phons and Bobo

Zorica and Ruth


Author: produzentin

drag entity, pie hands & toptions

8 thoughts on “Hallonuts”

  1. Mary, send me some clothes. So glamorous.
    I love the Amys. My boss wants me to come to the office with the Amy Whinehouse hairdo now. Thanks guys.

  2. … i’ll give you my wig! i can’t believe it stayed on my head all night.

    i love that last pic of mary – FIYAH!!!

  3. oh bitz, when will the s-bahn get extended to toronto? I miss you!!

    and Organ Boy?? I’ve finally figured out who you are! I’d recognize that spleen anywhere..

  4. Looks terrific incredible plus real
    thank you for making life – more
    there is so much to learn

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