Four turned 4 last week. I want to say thank you to all you wonderful readers out there by giving you a little present which involves the pants I’m wearing above.

The pants are from the latest Bernhard Willhelm collection. I was at the fashion show in Paris in January. They’re in the 5th picture from the top, the model in the coat watering the bucket is wearing them.

Get your own Bernhard after the jump.

Reverse Engineering New Bernhard

Recently, Mary was on a trip through Europe. I was very happy when she returned to Toronto because she had brought a new pair of Bernhard pants for me. As you can see, they have an amazing cut. We thought the pattern for this one must be simple but very clever. Our reverse engineering project was born. We talked to Bernd about the pants. Within minutes, he had figured it out. He is a model for a good reason.

After Bernd had turned the pants inside out, he laid them flat out with their seams straightened. It was clear right then, that pants were cut from two identical pieces of fabric sewn together in an intertwining way around the waist and crotch.
Quickly, Bernd prepared a paper model of the pants, which confirmed his thesis.

So, here we go, find the paper model below. The measurements are for a size medium. The pants don’t have a zipper or buttons, just two pockets on the very side and a stretchy waist. Get your sewing machines ready and sew the legs together where the dotted and the straight lines match.

a – 15 1/2 inch – 39 cm
b – 16 1/4 inch – 41 cm
c – 41 1/4 inch – 105 cm
d – 6 1/2 inch – 16.5 cm

Now, have fun with your new pants. Make them a whole collection.

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10 thoughts on “Four”

  1. Aaaahhhh!!!! Congratulations and Glückwunsch. You look amazing and irre in those Bernhard pants. I am learning to sew NOW!!! Send me some fabrics from Value Village. UPS!! NOW!!!!!

  2. I love reading about reverse engineering pants. Luis recently had a very similar experience/revelation with a pair of Comme des Garcons pants. You two need to talk.

  3. Happy birthday doll!! thank you for the new bw’re always so generous! xx

  4. congratulations, dear prodi!
    i love your new classy pants looks (both). and where is that polka dot top from?
    i am quite busy right now, but from next week on i am going to be a free woman. i have learn sewing, then.


  5. Happy Birthday Prodi!
    I think, I´ll sew it by hand, but no-one will look as good as you do in those pants!

  6. Thank you thank you thank you, you are the cutest!
    Can we meet and all wear the pants?

  7. 4 years of warmth, madness and relief.
    Wir dürfen hier ganz still werden. Danke, Herrin. I´ll sew my pants with the little soft hair, which grows around my ears

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