On my last night in the UK, Prince played the aftershow. I’m stoked.

The concert started with band member Shelby J. on lead vocals for a good half hour, performing covers. The opening song being Honky Tonk Woman, during which Prince struts on stage, wearing a light yellow suit with a hood attached to the jacket, gold chains, black hair band. He’s orchestrating the band, who seemed to be in a playful mood.

After a short break, Prince takes over the vocals and sings a couple of songs from his most recent album before launching into such classics as When U Were Mine and a rock version of Anotherloverholenyohead with pieces of Rock Lobster thrown in. The first encore is 3121, which sounds so much better live.

After another encore, I took the boat back to the West End.
I’m now on my way to the airport for my flight to T.O.
Prince is playing six more nights in London.

Tower Bridge

Cat, We Need You To Rap

Cat Times

As the Prince weeks on produzentin.com are coming to an end, I thought this might be my chance to sneak in a story about one of my favourite record covers, the Sign ‘O’ The Times single. Released by Prince in February 1987 it was the lead single for the album of the same title.

At that time I was very nervous when a new Prince single or album was released, especially if it was the lead single revealing the new Prince look.

This was before the internets hit the streets and therefore, or maybe because I was living in a small village in Germany, not much was known about the new record or look. So, I made my way to the record store on the day of the release and there it is: Sign “O” The Times.

For a moment, I was very surprised. Did he really do drag? On a closer look and by flipping the cover it was clear that the woman’s styling was done with Prince in mind. Hilarious. But who was this person and why is she on the cover of the new Prince single? I was desperate. Maybe the video would be more helpful. I was so disappointed when I saw the video for the first time. No Prince sighting during the whole video, only text rolling left and right and up and down. Times.

The album was finally released in April 1987 and it basically continued the theme: Prince wears peach and black. For the Sign ‘O’ The Times tour it would later read on the tickets: “Wear something peach or black”.

The woman on the cover is Cat Glover. It was her introduction into the Prince world. As a member of the band she joined the Sign ‘O’ The Times and Lovesexy tours and is featured in a couple of videos, like Glam Slam and I Wish U Heaven. Her raps can be heard on Cindy C. (of the Black Album, the rap was originally written by Steve ‘Silk’ Hurley and included on Music is the Key) and Alphabet St.

Years later, I read an interview with Cat (can’t find the magazine anymore) that Prince and her thought it would be fun if Cat would be on the cover dressed as him. Easy.

By the way, the B-side was written by Prince as he was challenged by Sheena Easton who thought he could not come up with a song to the title of La, La, La, He, He, Hee. It’s a 10 minute funk workout with a dog barking drum pattern about a sexually charged romance between a dog and a cat.

Prince Weekends

Last weekend Toffi and I went to the big arena Prince show. It seemed like it was sold out, around 20000 people. The stage in form of his trademark symbol is set up in the middle of the venue. We were in the fifth row directly at the point of the symbol.
I was especially happy to hear Controversy and If I Was Your Girlfriend. During 1999 Prince, to make the audience sing along, jokingly asks: What’s the name of this song?

Even more exciting than the big show are his aftershows. During his 21 nights in London, an aftershow is happing every night, although it is not announced whether or not he’ll be there.

He played the aftershow last Friday, so Toffi and I had the feeling he would not play the aftershow on Saturday. He didn’t. His band played and there are great musicians but the jazztrumentals were kind of heavy on us.

To make sure I would get another Prince filled aftershow, I bought tickets for 3 shows that are happening before I go back to Toronto. The first was this Friday. Again jazzstrumentals only. No Prince.

Finally, yesterday night, Prince and the band performed. They came on stage at 1 am and rocked the house from the very first minute. The audience was on a very high energy level too, singing along for most of the songs. They played a few cover versions, including What Have You Done For Me Lately by Janet.

For the encore Will.I.Am of the Black Eyed Peas joined the band. Too soon, the house lights went on, the dj started playing again. About 5 minutes later, half of the audience had already left, people are screamingly running back to the stage: Prince and the band are back.
They launch into a guitar heavy version of Redhead Stepchild, an unreleased song that Prince had written for his former protege Tamar. At this point the audience went totally nuts, jumping up and down during the whole song, singing the refrain.

Wish me luck for this Thursday night, my last aftershow (for now).

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Chateau Mama

We love all things Mama here at produzentin.com like Party Mamas and of course Lil’ Mama. She came straight out of Brooklyn and had that poppin’ Lipgloss.

Now, she lives in a chateau. Chateau Mama. Lil’ Mama has a new video with the title that looks like she took it from math class: G-Slide / Tour Bus. It’s a fun little ditty from the forthcoming album Voice of the Young People.

Lil Chateau Mama

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