Harlem Is Here

I enjoyed the first Hulk movie directed by Ang Lee. Apparently, Marvel thought it had a disappointing performance and decided to give the comic adaptation another try. The new version, The Incredible Hulk, is currently being shot in Toronto.

The other day, Bitz and I were walking down Yonge St. and we didn’t make the connection. Find some pictures of the set here and here.

Author: produzentin

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7 thoughts on “Harlem Is Here”

  1. One of my clients is working on that movie … did you know that it cost the production 250,000.00 (American Dollars) a day to shoot on Yonge Street. They were required to pay any lost revenue to the surrounding retailers. Insane!!

  2. hello prodi’n’bitz! what a blast. und ihr live dabei?
    hard to find sthg alike in, äähh… vienna (thats vienna, austria).
    na ich wart dann ma aufn film, fast noch mehr auf den ironman mit rob.downey jr. dem kleinen spucht als metaller. toll.
    eure stahl.

  3. Yes, insane. Milking Hollywood!!!! Fine with me.
    Hey Lutz, I come to Vienna to shoot in front of your house!!! You will hate me for blocking your way to the Kaffeehaus.

  4. blocking off my daily routine to hawelka {prückl, landmann…}?!? geh scheißn!!
    we took doc nancy and her mathematical friend o. around to the intercontinental (she wouldn’t stop counting the glass jewelery of the chandelier),
    later had some very drunk experience in the planetarium, watching the universe twirl around us six seven times.
    now thats vienna for you!

  5. dear lutzner i must have been cross-eyed. i haven’t counted the jewelery of the chandelier but the rhinestones on the berets of the two jacob sisters sitting next to us.


  6. now that’s what it was, doc!
    but shining beauties as they were it’s easy to mistake them with the flashing lights of a chandelier…

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