Crybaby is a Mariah treat from 2000 that I listened to on my way to the countryside today. I remembered the video and had to watch it the minute I came back to my place.

Taken from the double A sided single with Can’t Take That Away (Mariah’s Theme), Crybaby is not exactly one of her high charting hits. It’s got a classic video nonetheless and is a fan favourite.

The video is mostly a 1 to 1 (ist nicht vorbei) visualization of the lyrics and has a couple of Mariah diva moments.

5 am
“So it’s 5 am
And I still can’t sleep”

“Took some medicine
But it’s not working”

Tippy Toes
“Late at night like a little child
Wandering ’round alone
In my new friend’s home
On my tippy toes”

“Sipping Bailey’s Cream
By the stereo
Trying to find relief
On the radio”

It gets really dramatic after this point: There is lots of spillage and broken glass. Oreo’s are cracking on the floor, nail polish is dripping. Absolutely Crybaby. Watch it now.






Author: produzentin

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5 thoughts on “Crybaby”

  1. Now shea butter on my feet. No effect. I forgot this black cookies Mariah throws around in my office. I start wondering what I could destroy in my flat. Sister help me! It’s half past three in the morning. I don’t wanna suffer longer than she does.

  2. I guess it’s too late now, but may I suggest throwing around Gummibears? They’re colourful and sticky. Should look good.

  3. Naa, had a schnapps. Your spririt was with me though: I found the Lady Raptastic link. She told me bedtimestories. After that I found enough peace to sleep like a baby and woke up with feet soft as hell.

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