Gay Friday

Friday night, Mary, Margot, Alex and I had tons of fun at The Beaver and The Gladstone. We hopped back and forth between places. Have a look at our Pride tour below.
Make-up by Margot.

More pics after the jump (NSFW).

Shanda and the oily legs
All hell broke loose when I grabbed Shanda’s oily legs

Mary and Juan
Mary and her new bf, The Juan Maclean
Mary told him: My name is Mary Messhausen, but you can call me Messy.
Next thing, she got his room number.

Just trying out new glasses
He was so kind to offer me a look through his glasses.
What I saw wasn’t ugly.

Out on the patio
Out on the Beaver patio, our new friend in the silky dress, Mary, Alex, Margot

Mary got stalked
Mary got stalked by the cotton candy patrol

Belly action
While Michael was double-fisting, I took the opportunity to lift up his shirt

Beard action
On a break from serving us drinks, I took the opportunity to lift up his shirt

Here he is again
As I bit his ear and got him distracted, I took the opportunity to lift up his shirt

Alex and Margot
Alex and Margot, caught in the act

with Cazwell
with Cazwell at The Beaver

Scott and Shanda
Scott and Shanda had an intimate moment at the toilets
See what happened next.

De-oiling them legs
Mary helped Shanda getting stuff off her oily legs
She told us she uses baby oil to make them all nice and shiny.

We were surprised when she pulled a Nipplegate on us

Tasty Treat
Just helping Jefferson to cool off

Author: produzentin

drag entity, pie hands & toptions

6 thoughts on “Gay Friday”

  1. Happy gay pride! i want you all to come to frankfurt gay pride, next month!


  2. Mary’s parrot dress is magnificent. I long for her to perch on me like a jungle branch.

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