Who Is It?

C is for Caracas

This huge painting is by Dina Draeger and will be for sale at gallery Muehlfeld & Stohrer in Frankfurt for the equivalent of 140 big bottles of M by Mariah. Until yesterday I hadn’t even heard of Dina or the gallery.
Let me tell you the whole story:

My friend Mischel Noel discovered the painting by walking past the gallery. The story spread like wildfire and a couple of hours later Doc Nancy visited the scene. The gallery owner told her that Dina said that the picture that the painting is based on was taken at the carnival of cultures in Caracas. Right.

Let me tell you where it was taken:

OK. More of my friends went to the gallery, looked at the painting and spoke to the owner. Last night he told Bitz (disguised as an art collector) that the painting probably won’t make it into the show, because Dina had lied to him about the origins of the piece. He said that a couple of people came to the gallery and they know the person on the painting.

Now let me ask you, what should I do:

  1. Just be grateful for the amazing painting with its wonderful play of light and colour.
  2. Demand for the nose to be fixed. produzentin doesn’t have such an ugly knobby nose anymore. As everyone nose.
  3. Put my entertainment lawyer on speed dial. There is a smell of big money with which produzentin can buy liters and liters of M by Mariah.

Hit the comments and let me know.

The opening of the show is this Friday, June 22 from 6 to 9 pm.
Please go and show your love. I heard that Dina will be in attendance.
The gallery is located next door to a popular gay sauna at Fahrgasse 27 in Frankfurt.

Is this a familiar look?
From an early post at produzentin.com

Triple Thread
Here is another picture straight from the vault.
From right to left: Nancy, Tammy (in her Britney pose) and me.

Author: produzentin

drag entity, pie hands & toptions

16 thoughts on “Who Is It?”

  1. Ich glaube, der Galerist ist schon total abgenervt, das andauernt Leute in seinen Laden kommen nach dem Bild fragen und nicht nach dem jungen Talent der deutschen Malerszene. Joerg ist ja tot und der Platz ist frei. Aber wenn man sein Ouevere auf wackligen Beinen in Form von “ich war schon überall” stellt. Dann muß man auch diesen dreckigen Schwanz lutschen das es nur bis zur Berger Str. gereicht hat. Prodi is World and Pucci is back . Kiss

  2. We need a fundraiser, to get this amazing and unique work of art! But it has to be a big thing, because I know how much it is!!!

  3. i suggest that you fly up here and the two of us steal the picture. that’s the least bit of fun dina and the galerist owe you. but we must not forget the photographer. sounds like burglar weeks at produzentin. very john waters.

  4. as a celebrity, you’re face belongs to the people of the world. in caracas and everywhere, rejoice!

  5. dear prodi, your painting is shown, standing on the floor as in the photograph, and it is the best and the least cliched compared to the other paintings of the show…

  6. As we know from tv series like Dynasty, you should ask your mother about her biggest secret. Why did she sell your twin brother to a rich family in Caracas? That’s a typical post-war germany tragedy, rarely documented by the Red Cross. You have to go to Caracas and find your brother. Sell your story to a broadcasting company. We all want to see this kind of reality tv. 10 episodes please.

  7. I want to make mad love to my long lost latino brother!

    shane, I am so happy that you went to the opening.

  8. gurl i think you should sue those bitches, get as much M as you can i am sure an unopened box is just as expensive as an open box, and if you see that dina girl again slap her on her wrist for lying, and what did you do toyour nose.

  9. Hi,

    I am the painter (my name is Dina Draeger) of this wonderful person and to make it clear: I took the photo at Christopher´s Street Day in Frankfurt, Germany. By the way some of the pictures I took that day became paintings. If you like, I can send them to you, there will surely be some more to recognize….

    Warm regards from Dina

  10. Mythomania….So who is the liar????? Dearest Dina, maybe you should just send the painting to Toronto, because your gallery owner won`t sell it in Frankfurt anyway. He seemed to have a problem with the Caracas-Story. It has lost its virginity!
    By the way, how much do you pay for free PR?

  11. Dear Bitz,

    it is unvoluntary PR and I never act below my dignity (can one say this in english?). Anyway I have enough PR, so that I don´t need this (I don´ t pay for it. The only price is very much work that I put in painting, and not in looking for cheap advertisement). I just want to make clear, that I never lie about my work and I would love to know the one I was painting.


  12. Dear Dina,
    ich wuerde mich gerne zu erkennen geben: ich bin’s auf dem bild, die produzentin.
    I wish I was in Frankfurt for the opening and we could have had a couple of bottles of champagne, CSD / Gay Pride style. That would have given me that cute drunk face look again, which is featured on your portrait. That way, we could have done a new portrait with my long hair (I love them long, hair that is) and my new nose.

  13. Dear Dina,
    I was hoping for a quick answer. Here you are. Don`t get me wrong.
    I loved the painting and the whole mystery and excitement about your work. Next show give us more pictures and stories. Or no stories, just pink. Whatever, love it!!!! Cheers.

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