T ist für Theater

I’m back in Toronto from a short trip to Montreal and the Thousand Islands region (pictures). I guess I need a lot of energy for the upcoming week. Come out and have fun, Thursday & Friday at least:

Thursday, June 21
Fundraiser at the Beaver for Magic, Mystery, or Matrix: A Romance of Many Membranes
A play by Alex and Liz, which is going to be brought to the stage in August
Starts at 10 pm
Live performances & videos
Dj’s Kevin, Catherine & myself

Friday, June 22
This is the start of the Gay Pride weekend and I’m djing at the Drake.
It’s three floors and all that. Doors 9pm.
Dj’s The Juan Maclean, House of Helder w/ Fierce and Hollywood, Mikey Apples & more!

Saturday, June 23
Martha Wash is performing at the Gay Pride main stage at 6pm.
I’m über excited to see her live for the first time.

Sunday, June 24
If I have any energy left I’m going to check out Lady Miss Kier and Lady Bunny in the late afternoon.

Author: produzentin

drag entity, pie hands & toptions

One thought on “T ist für Theater”

  1. Hochdeutsch ist kein Theater!!!
    The next days will be crazy. Sounds like a big Mess-Over!!! Spin it, girl friend!! Show your nose!!!
    Wish I could be with you all. Owerpowered III.
    Happy fundraiser and Gay Pride to all of you.
    Beaverhausen Frankfurt

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