Sometimes It Sno Balls in June

After a wonderful night out with the best friends one could possibly have, I woke up this morning and treated myself with very very delicious Sno Balls. It’s the perfect breakfast: The balls are pink and sweet from the outside but are dark and lovely from the inside. Layers and layers of fun. Amazing.

Sno Balls 4 Me
Nobody nose me

Layers of fun

By Hostess

Sno Balls by Hostess

On the same day in 2005: Older

Author: produzentin

drag entity, pie hands & toptions

6 thoughts on “Sometimes It Sno Balls in June”

  1. ohh, i didn’t notice your new nose on the spot. probabably because it’s so you. you look like the young la toya jackson, now. great!!!
    hope you had a loveley birthday.


  2. Now you should call yourself La Produzentin. (Or maybe Produzentin LaProduzentin?) Like “La Toya” or how Toronto music writers call Feist “La Feist” (but not because she had her nose done — she didn’t as far as I know and even if she did I don’t care). There must be other “La” celebrities. You’d be in good company.

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