Butterflies on a Whip

Mariah sang a couple of songs at One Mighty Party, the first gay and lesbian festivities at EuroDisney. As you might know, I am not a big fan of candids, but this one is good. For various reasons. One being the butterflies on her Mercedes.

M leaves the party
click to enlarge (source)

In more M news, Jermaine Dupri says Mariah’s new album drops Thanksgiving.

Are you ready for another Mariah-thon at produzentin.com?

Finally, Martha!


I’ve finally recovered from the weekend, but there is one more story to tell. Mary and I went to see Martha Wash at the Pride main stage. It was my first time seeing her live and I was very excited.

From the moment the stepped on the stage to the very last drip of It’s Raining Men (alright, I could live without this song) I thought she is the best ever. Her voice is just amazing. The audience went crazy after the first note she sang. When I saw her dress I told Mary: Please remember this very well, I would like to have a Martha outfit.

After the second song, she took her heels off and said: “I sing better with my shoes off.”
You just have to adore her.

I think this was the set list:
Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now)
Everybody Everybody
Give It To You
Carry On
It’s Raining Men

Dancin’ Wheels
Martha, I Love You

Gay Friday

Friday night, Mary, Margot, Alex and I had tons of fun at The Beaver and The Gladstone. We hopped back and forth between places. Have a look at our Pride tour below.
Make-up by Margot.

More pics after the jump (NSFW).

Shanda and the oily legs
All hell broke loose when I grabbed Shanda’s oily legs

Mary and Juan
Mary and her new bf, The Juan Maclean
Mary told him: My name is Mary Messhausen, but you can call me Messy.
Next thing, she got his room number.

Just trying out new glasses
He was so kind to offer me a look through his glasses.
What I saw wasn’t ugly.

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MMM Fundraiser

Here a couple of pictures of the performances from the fundraiser for Magic, Mystery, or Matrix: A Romance of Many Membranes.

We were all flabbergasted by Karen’s carnivorous cave woman outing.
There was also a hot strip by Chris, including his favourite foods, bell peppers and sausages (you can’t go wrong with that).


Liz & Karen


Who Is It?

C is for Caracas

This huge painting is by Dina Draeger and will be for sale at gallery Muehlfeld & Stohrer in Frankfurt for the equivalent of 140 big bottles of M by Mariah. Until yesterday I hadn’t even heard of Dina or the gallery.
Let me tell you the whole story:

My friend Mischel Noel discovered the painting by walking past the gallery. The story spread like wildfire and a couple of hours later Doc Nancy visited the scene. The gallery owner told her that Dina said that the picture that the painting is based on was taken at the carnival of cultures in Caracas. Right.

Let me tell you where it was taken:

OK. More of my friends went to the gallery, looked at the painting and spoke to the owner. Last night he told Bitz (disguised as an art collector) that the painting probably won’t make it into the show, because Dina had lied to him about the origins of the piece. He said that a couple of people came to the gallery and they know the person on the painting.

Now let me ask you, what should I do:

  1. Just be grateful for the amazing painting with its wonderful play of light and colour.
  2. Demand for the nose to be fixed. produzentin doesn’t have such an ugly knobby nose anymore. As everyone nose.
  3. Put my entertainment lawyer on speed dial. There is a smell of big money with which produzentin can buy liters and liters of M by Mariah.

Hit the comments and let me know.

The opening of the show is this Friday, June 22 from 6 to 9 pm.
Please go and show your love. I heard that Dina will be in attendance.
The gallery is located next door to a popular gay sauna at Fahrgasse 27 in Frankfurt.

Is this a familiar look?
From an early post at produzentin.com

Triple Thread
Here is another picture straight from the vault.
From right to left: Nancy, Tammy (in her Britney pose) and me.

M by Mariah

It’s not summer yet, but I’m sure fall is going to be great. You must have wondered, what is going on with Mariah? Well, she is just preparing for her triple threat later this year:

New album
New movie, Tennessee
Her first fragrance, M by Mariah Carey

M me. You smell so M. Cover me in M. Can’t wait till M hits the shops.

M is a floriental. It has top notes of marshmallow and sea breeze accord, a heart of Living Tahitian Tiare and gardenia and a drydown of sheer amber, patchouli and Moroccan incense.

Mariah created the fragrance with perfumer Carlos Benaim of International Flavors & Fragrances, whose previous work includes Flowerbomb by Viktor & Rolf.

Call Me M

The bottle, created by Elisabeth Arden’s Jean Antretter, is a lavender glass orb with a subtle wave design and a silver rope-patterned neck. The cap is topped by Carey’s signature butterfly. The outer carton features fluttering butterflies, with a front panel that opens to reveal the fragrance.

T ist für Theater

I’m back in Toronto from a short trip to Montreal and the Thousand Islands region (pictures). I guess I need a lot of energy for the upcoming week. Come out and have fun, Thursday & Friday at least:

Thursday, June 21
Fundraiser at the Beaver for Magic, Mystery, or Matrix: A Romance of Many Membranes
A play by Alex and Liz, which is going to be brought to the stage in August
Starts at 10 pm
Live performances & videos
Dj’s Kevin, Catherine & myself

Friday, June 22
This is the start of the Gay Pride weekend and I’m djing at the Drake.
It’s three floors and all that. Doors 9pm.
Dj’s The Juan Maclean, House of Helder w/ Fierce and Hollywood, Mikey Apples & more!

Saturday, June 23
Martha Wash is performing at the Gay Pride main stage at 6pm.
I’m über excited to see her live for the first time.

Sunday, June 24
If I have any energy left I’m going to check out Lady Miss Kier and Lady Bunny in the late afternoon.

Sometimes It Sno Balls in June

After a wonderful night out with the best friends one could possibly have, I woke up this morning and treated myself with very very delicious Sno Balls. It’s the perfect breakfast: The balls are pink and sweet from the outside but are dark and lovely from the inside. Layers and layers of fun. Amazing.

Sno Balls 4 Me
Nobody nose me

Layers of fun

By Hostess

Sno Balls by Hostess

On the same day in 2005: Older

Emo Moments

Thank you all for coming out last night, it was so much fun.

I think Gartina’s performance was the best of hers yet. After her android inspired lyrics last December, we were wondering what’s next on her list. She sang: “Fuck me with your broken computer.” We screamed for more.
Karl Lagerfeld’s Ponytail did a wonderful gig of their hits La Lohan and Ponytail.

Almost all pictures by Oliver.
More after the jump.


Karl Lagerfeld’s Ponytail

Christabel and Andrew
Christabel and Zsa Zsa


During Gartina’s performance

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Overpowered II

I’m kinda slow this Friday evening and Roisin Murphy is on a fashion roll. Just a few minutes after finding out about the single cover, here is the video to Overpowered (real, youtube). It seems Roisin is over V&R already, riding the 283 bus, doing her laundry and taking a piss in a lovely Gareth Pugh ensemble. I so want to be like her.

“Alien feelings we have to accept.” (via)