MMMM 7 inch

It seems like in the UK and London for that matter, the 7 inch single is still alive and kicking. When I went record shopping, a lot of the new releases where available as vinyl singles.
Lured by the cute cover I snatched up a copy of My Moon My Man by Feist which was released last week. I hadn’t heard the B-side, the Boys Noize Classic Remix of the song, which is also going to be featured on the Kitsuné Maison 4 compilation out in June. I was not disappointed as the vocoder vocals and hand claps add a welcome aggressiveness & messiness to the dance floor.
Stream the remix at Boys Noize myspace or hype.

After I sent the link to shimbulak, he told me that Will played it at Hotnuts and totally rocked the house. Right so.

The video has been making the rounds on the interwebs, so by now you probably have seen the amazing My Moon My Man clip, shot at Toronto Pearson airport:

MMMM: the moves
Shed some light on me, please

Author: produzentin

drag entity, pie hands & toptions

3 thoughts on “MMMM”

  1. i love this song and this video, can’t get it out of my head! it collides in there with verka serduchka, the ukranian feist.

  2. u know that i’m not an electronic boy, but this one is fantastic and makes me feel (…)

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