The Return of Hotnuts

I am very excited for The Return of Hotnuts in Toronto. And for the first one since my exile in Europe, super wonderful Renee will perform. I saw her at Mandy Goodhandy’s last year and let me tell you, we are all in for a treat.

Beaver, 1192 Queen St. West
Saturday, April 14 – 10 pm – $3 admission

TRO Hotnuts

House Party

Finally, I am back in Toronto’s Portuguese neighborhood, which also happens to be Nelly Furtado’s home turf. The first couple of days went by in a whirlwind of parties. The highlight being the house party at Maison Messhausen with the lovely hosts Margot, Mary and Kyle.

In between the Jäger shots (I only had two, honestly) I spun a couple of records and of course I had to play Nelly F’s überhit, Say It Right. I am absolutely into this song. In case you have lived under a stone for a couple of weeks, take a listen here. If I’m talking about Nelly I can’t stop. For me, the best song on her album is Wait For You. It might be made for riding in your SUV, all the hand-claps and then when you think it’s over, the sub-bass is kicking in at 4 minutes into the song.

Kevin & Mary

Owen & Mary

Margot and me

Oliver and Maria

Toffi Cuisine: Cheeseburger Soup

Toffi came over last weekend and he prepared his infamous Cheeseburger Soup. I had been bugging him about the delicious soup for months.

1 Big Onion
50g Bacon
1 leek
500g Minced Meat
1 Liter Water
Asparagus Creme Soup
Processed Cheese
Soy Sauce
Salt and Pepper to taste

All good things

Simmer the onions and the bacon, put the leek in a bit later

Add the minced meat and brown it. Add salt and pepper.
Fill it up with the water.

Toffi pours in the asparagus creme soup.

Add the processed cheese (Scheibletten). It may help to tear them apart.

Squirt the soy sauce to the mix.

Guten Appetit

For extra tasty finesse, Toffi garnished the soup with garlic prawns. Mmmmmh.
We were having blueberry yogurt sparkling wine for dinner.
It was a total celebration for our taste buds.