Get Your Own Volta

Download and print your own giant poster of Björk’s Volta album cover at It is composed of 48 pieces, 34 of which have image content and 14 left blank. Day by day you’re able to download one piece. Then puzzle the giant 1.1m x 1.9m Nick Knight/Björk/Bernhard Willhelm collaboration together and let the Earth Intruders be with you.

The Guardian asks: “Is it an advert for tomato ketchup? Is it the latest Disney monster? Is it a nu-rave cartoon? No, it’s just Björk’s new look.”


(thanks Kevin #1)

No Limit

Author: produzentin

drag entity, pie hands & toptions

8 thoughts on “Get Your Own Volta”

  1. The Bjork cottage industry just keeps getting bigger and bigger. She is worse than Sylvia Plath.

  2. havent things not been working out for you kevin?

    ps: it was nick knights idea to have the album cover downloadeable, and not björk…do your homework! this girl is just being wanted!

  3. I’m just observing… Bjork has a lot of shit for sale and does a lot of marketing. I’m sure this downloadable puzzle thing will be remastered and repackaged in a new box set along with all of her other albums and music videos and re-released in a limited edition collectors edition and her insanely devoted fans will buy it and buy it again. She knows where the money at.

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