No Limit

By now, I guess, you all have listened to Björk’s new single, Earth Intruders and its Timbaland beat (if not, you can find it through iTunes or hype or here). What do you think?

I was a bit reluctant at first, maybe I still am. In a way it sounds like 2 or 3 songs in one, plus the kindergarten piano and the overall aggressiveness. Anyhow, it made me laugh (in a good way).

Volta video podcast

Be sure to watch Björk in the Volta video podcast including an interview and behind the scenes footage.


One more Björk thing: I adore her live cover of No Limit by 2 Unlimited.
She should record a studio version of the track.

Author: produzentin

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17 thoughts on “No Limit”

  1. björk really gets on my nerves. and with this song even more. please shoot me if I you ever see me dancing to it.

  2. i just HATE her music. silly human expressiveness and the “mmmh i´m sooo sweet” attitude make me puke. plus plus negative!

  3. The song is overproduced. Worse, I can’t get past that ridiculous interview she gave the NME, explaining how “Earth Intruders” is inspired by a dream she had on an airplane in which a “tsunami” of impoverished third world residents overcome her plane until it crashes into the White House. That shit might’ve seemed cool when I was 14, but not now. She’s all about the Third World now and that will totally reflect in her fashion. Blech!

  4. this is the most ridiculous bullshit i’ve heard. it’s a monster song that happens to be funny. how can bjork be overproduced when she is an overproducer. did you like her work as a garage rock guitarist previous to this or something? betch.

  5. I DARE you to drop this track in a club. Anyone who dances will look like a total douchebag.

  6. Hysteria on Produzentin!! I was going to comment ’bout the new track … but I think I’ll let these two battle it out … *backing away quietly*

  7. well, i am not gonna back off from that bitter and bitchy kevinese fellow!
    eventhough i am not sure about that first track coming out from the icelandic superstar, i very much have to get something straightend out here. if there is ONE person in the international music scene who is contemporary, cutting edge, authentic, glamorous and unique…then it is björk. you have to give her that! artisticly she always kicks ass…in a very radical and progressive way. her roots are in punk! and u can tell in the way how she determines things. and i am sure that the produezntin herself would die to for that colorfull 3rd world wool blanket from bernhard wilhelm, she is wearing in the first video. lets listen and wait what the album has to offer…

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