Unexpected Feeling

Move over to Unexpected Feeling & Sons and have a look at their brilliant fashion collection. I wouldn’t want to say vintage, that sounds to dusty. You can check out all the pieces at once but I would recommend to have a look at the collection by stories featuring swell collages like the ones below.

Jacket by Yves Saint Laurent Rive Gauche

Dolphin fun
Sunglasses by Tura

(Thanks Sabs)

Come Away With Me

Around the time when Norah Jones’ hit Come Away With Me was all over the radio and basically everywhere, I was so annoyed I started singing it. I thought that maybe repeating the lyrics over and over would help getting it out of my head.

Recently, I found the final episode of season 6 of French & Saunders which aired in the UK in 2004. The ladies have to come up with a new concept for a comedy show and pitch it to the BBC heads. Of course, they have nothing to pitch:

“We’re doing a show. The show is like us. Sort of here, in this office, doing what we’re doing now, but you put two cameras on it.”

Watch the whole hilarious disaster unfold, including a bitchy cameo by Matt Lucas and David Walliams of Little Britain and Dawn’s thank you to Norah Jones.

Part I | Part II

It’s new.

...and new
It’s young.

Am I wearing the badge?
We got a whole slate of pink programming.

Very Mitte

I enjoy reading Vaginal Creme Davis blog, including her spiced up Berlin stories. However, information about Miss Davis’ upcoming project can be found in an email she wrote to Ann Magnuson:

“In the summer we start work on a performance adaptation of the seminal Rainer Werner Fassbinder film Whitey, which Canadian auteur Bruce La Bruce will direct and will feature costumes by couture designer Rick Owens…”

Hotnuts Nov 2006

Get Your Own Volta

Download and print your own giant poster of Björk’s Volta album cover at showstudio.com. It is composed of 48 pieces, 34 of which have image content and 14 left blank. Day by day you’re able to download one piece. Then puzzle the giant 1.1m x 1.9m Nick Knight/Björk/Bernhard Willhelm collaboration together and let the Earth Intruders be with you.

The Guardian asks: “Is it an advert for tomato ketchup? Is it the latest Disney monster? Is it a nu-rave cartoon? No, it’s just Björk’s new look.”


(thanks Kevin #1)

No Limit

Caution – May Contain Nuts

Thanks to all the hotty and nutty people for coming to the Beaver on Saturday.
More pictures after the jump.

Renee-Nay performing. Her rap is HOT.

Wedding dress by Mary Messhausen
Her bridal line will be called: Mary Messhausen Forever.
Click the picture for the after the party shot.

Mary and Maria
Mary wears Mary Messhausen
Maria goes massively futuristic (I love her Little Pony)

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I Was a Very Sickly Child

Finally, after one and a half years, Oliver Husain has made a new short film: I Hate Papa. This is a very strong message that he saved for his international premiere on youtube.com. Oliver told me this morning that he recently discovered youtube and he thinks it’s amazing.

Anyway, Alex W., the main character of Papa, is amazing, too. So now, watch the short and find out why there is so much hate for dad.

A Sickly Child

No Limit

By now, I guess, you all have listened to Björk’s new single, Earth Intruders and its Timbaland beat (if not, you can find it through iTunes or hype or here). What do you think?

I was a bit reluctant at first, maybe I still am. In a way it sounds like 2 or 3 songs in one, plus the kindergarten piano and the overall aggressiveness. Anyhow, it made me laugh (in a good way).

Volta video podcast

Be sure to watch Björk in the Volta video podcast including an interview and behind the scenes footage.


One more Björk thing: I adore her live cover of No Limit by 2 Unlimited.
She should record a studio version of the track.