Aus dem Bauarbeitermilieu

h. aus f. sent the link to the video by Azis that he found at
It’s very sweaty and most important, it’s set in the Bauarbeitermileu. Don’t you love seeing nice work being done?

Soooo, who’s going to travel to Bulgaria with me this summer to have a look at some of the countries magnificent Thracian monuments?

Who’s that girl?

Gonna make you sweat
Whose titty is it?

Hotnuts at S

Hotnuts in Frankfurt!

Kleine Rittergasse 13

Saturday, March 31 / 11 pm
DJ’s Birgit, Viola and produzentin
This is the first time we’re djing together. Very exciting.

Get your crazy person outfit ready & partake in the shindigs. Please.

It’s also a little bit my Frankfurt going-away-for-now party.

Another HOT look

This is H.R.H. Princess Diandra. (via Lady Bunny)

H.O.T. M.E.S.S.

Some older news by Michael Musto, Village Voice about H.R.H. Princess Diandra, so you can put her in the picture (no pun intended):

“HRH Princess Diandra (…) just tussled with David LaChapelle at Lucky Cheng’s, creating electromagnetic sound waves that had people running. The fab but excitable Diandra was mad that her image was cut out of a Rolling Stone group shot LaChapelle once took, so she tossed a drink in his face, using his eyeballs as martini olives. (Remember, Diandra’s the one who screamed “you hideous has-been woman” at Diana Ross during Ross’s last concert and was dragged off a platform by security.)”


J’adore Caroline Torem-Graigs, the night life photographer for papermag. When I saw the picture of her over accessorized full on leopard print outfit, I turned into a fan faster than you can say:


Don’t you think it is a fantastic look?
Reminds me of the Vivienne Westwood quote:
In case of doubt, overdress.

I may have to stalk Caroline in New York, soon.
Her I’m-talking-on-the-phone/what-time-is-it pose is just perfect.

J'adore CTC
picture and more by papermag

Doc Nancy is here

Doc Nancy is here

I’m back from my long hours, days, months, well even years of fierce research in the field of mathematics. It was all worth it.

On Monday, during the presentation of my thesis, Concentration of Multivariate Random Recursive Sequences arising in the Analysis of Algorithms, the audience and the committee experienced infinite joy. They were in maths heaven.

I was very proud when I got my PhD.
To celebrate this wonderful event, I would like to share my bliss with you. It’s all about numbers. Numbers have been a companion through my darkest hours. Numbers have always been good to me.

So, I think it’s time for a mathematical life counseling session.
Send in your questions and problems. Don’t hesitate to shoot me an email if the trouble is about your love interest or sex life. Doc Nancy has been there, she can help from the mathematical point of view.

And please don’t forget, no matter how deep your worries are, there is always a formula at the end of every tunnel!

Doc Nancy understands
Doc Nancy wears Diorlywood Pink lipstick by Dior


I recently discovered an obscure record: It has a Romanthony remix. You might say, well, that is not so special. But what if I tell you that the mix is for the Berlin based Schlager-House (according to their old press clippings) band Andy und die Anitas who only released one album more than 10 years ago, titled “Zuhause etwas spannendes erleben” (experience something exciting at home)?

The trashy disco house paired with cheerful German vocals was a big hit with Toffi and me. Superschum loved it, too. The lyrics touched our adolescent souls:

So viele gehen nach kurzer Zeit wieder auseinander
Sie haben Küsse bei heisser Musik mit Liebe verwechselt
Wir wollen das nicht tun
Wir wollen sicher sein
(Für immer)

Viel Talent für geflirt
Aus dem niemals was wird
(So ist ein Boy)

One of the singles was “Ich will zu Dir gemein sein” (I wanna be mean to you). Not so long ago, while browsing, I found the entry relating to the promo 12″ of said song, ordered it, received it, digitalized it:

Andy und die Anitas – Ich will zu Dir gemein sein (Romanthony Softcore Mix)

andy und die anitas

Ein Blick in seine Augen
Die Welt um uns steht still
Eine ungefragte Frage
Er weiss genau: Ich will

Ertrunkene Gefühle
Tauchen auf aus dem Meer
Schlagen meterhohe Wellen
Fallen über uns her
(Die Stunde der Sehnsucht)

The only thing that I would like to know now: How did the remix happen? Did the Anitas have a fling with Romanthony? Or Andy?


At one of this years S parties in Frankfurt some first timers stepped into the tiny place and said: “Mmmh, das ist ja richtiges Hauptstadtfeeling.”
(they meant: Hauptstadt as in capital as in Berlin)
We are mocking the term ever since.

During my time in old Europe I feel the need to take it all in.
So, this weekend I made my trip to Berlin to get my Hauptstadtfeeling fix. I was very happy when ND took me to Berghain/Panoramabar Saturday night or better, early Sunday morning. We arrived at 3.30 am just in time for the gig of Toronto’s Ontario’s own Junior Boys. Loved their show.
After that, Jesse Rose (cute) did a dj set. I especially liked the first part during which he played Mr. White – The Sun Can’t Compare and mixed it into Romanthony – Let Me Show You Love (Quick Dub/Crooklyn Mix).
Although I had taken a short disco nap from 11 to 2, I left the club übertired at 8.30 am.
Hauptstadtfeeling pur.

my weekend

I left Frankfurt Saturday morning and drove to Antwerp. I took a picture of this.
By 11pm I was back at my apartment.

Birgit, Sabs, Viola and I sat by the river today. The water stood quite high in the riverbed. I didn’t get a coffee because the queue at the Maincafe was apparently 8 kilometers long. Someone said that they still operated the bar according to their winter schedule.
In the evening, we watched tv and ate Euro Münzen.

I’m into Ricardo Villalobos now. At least into his almost 15 minutes remix of Beck’s Cellphone’s Dead (listen). The remix is on the deluxe edition of his Information album.