So, the Städelparty. When Birgit and I arrived to play for the huge art crowd in an old warehouse in a suburb of Frankfurt, I said to the organizers and staff, that Birgit and I are lesbians (which is true). That provided an awkward and uneasy feeling in the first few minutes of the conversation as nobody knew what to do with that kind of information. We thought that was funny.

It was good to meet all the professors. The pictures are after the jump. I am not sure why I missed professor Mark Leckey, but no worries, we are myspace friends.

Here are all the pictures. Taken by Sabine Reitmaier.

B & P
Birgit and me behind the decks
(Photo by Carmen)

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JT For You

Birgit and I got close to one hundred requests for Justin Timberlake at the Städelparty.
Here he is in his newest video for What Goes Around … Comes Around, written by Nick Cassavetes, starring Scarlett Johansson.

This is the 9 minutes directors cut, supposedly there is a 34 minute version coming out later. Don’t mess with JT.

“What are you gonna do to entertain me?” asks Scarlett in the opening dialog.

lick it good

This Friday

Friday, February 9th, 23 h

Party Rundgang Städelschule
Daimlerstr. 32 – Frankfurt
(that’s very far east, don’t get lost)

DJs Birgit and produzentin

This is the very first time Birgit and I are djing together. I’m very excited. Of course, we’re going to play some Strictly Rhythm. Also, Birgit will be back in Toronto later this year and she has agreed to play Hotnuts with me. This is going to be full of pizazz.

Between my sets at Städel, I want to make out with at least one professor.
No art students for me. Sorry.

Birgit and I send uplifting wishes to our DJ sister Viola.
Get well soon, darling.

Was ist die Städelschule?
I messed around with the Städelschule website

Strictly Rhythm is Back

I need a Stompin' Ground

One of the all time classic house music labels, Strictly Rhythm, is back. Their catalogue was bought by Defected and peu à peu, they are re-releasing the deep house gems in digital format.

After 20 initial releases, Defected will be releasing a further 10 per week for 12 weeks. This is going to be a marathon. The songs are first available through the Defected site, but it seems that the worldwide sale works better at

Here are just a couple of the highlights already in store:
Hardrive – Just Believe
Photon Inc. feat. Paula Brion – Generate Power (Wild Pitch Mix)
Logic – Blues For You (Vocal Mix 1 & Hard Dub)
Aly-Us – Follow Me (Club Mix)

Interview with founder Mark Finkelstein
Full list at
History of Strictly Rhythm at
Strictly Rhythm at
Strictly Rhythm at myspace