Sleepy Eyes

When it became obvious that I had to spend a couple of more weeks in Frankfurt before heading back to Toronto, Mary called me and said: I’m going to be in London on a business trip, girl, you better come over and visit ME.

So, I did. You better not mess with Mary Messhausen.

I arrived in London and Mary was supposed to be staying with a friend of hers but when I got to the address it was an abandoned apartment. After a hard night of drinking and kebabs we pushed through the garbage and went to bed.

In Bed with Bernhard
Waking up in bed with Bernhard Willhelm

And now we shop. Wait and see what we bring home.

Author: produzentin

drag entity, pie hands & toptions

4 thoughts on “Sleepy Eyes”

  1. ehmm…yeah but…no but….yeah but…i have a friend, who told me that bernhard wilhelm is actually a belgian faggot, and i told her to fuck off….cause i know that he actually is from PARIS !

  2. oh my !!!! sleeping would be the LAST thing on my mind with two loveley ladies such as you in my bed!!!! GRRRRRRRR!

  3. kevin h, I would sing sweet Mariah ballads in your ear to make you fall asleep:

    I am thinking of you
    In my sleepless solitude tonight
    If it’s wrong to love you
    Then my heart just won’t let me be right
    ‘Cause I’ve drowned in you
    And I won’t pull through
    Without you by my side

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