Special Award

I just watched the Teddy Award (the Queer Film Award of the Berlin International Film Festival) on German-French TV channel arte. I had to sit through the whole show, finally at the end, the Special or better Lifetime Achievement Award is given to Helmut Berger.

He sat down on a brocade sofa and the ridiculous moderator said something like: I was told not to ask you questions as this always causes trouble.

Helmut Berger talks in a mixture of English and German. He then decides on German, proclaiming: “I haven’t spoken German in 40 years.” Pulls out a piece of paper with his notes, reading it: “You are all crazy, handing over this award to me. Do I have to be 63 years old for this?”

Article on the Special Award by Gregor Tholl for dpa including picture
Helmut Berger in the music video to Blumfeld’s Tausend Tränen Tief
Helmut Berger on The Harald Schmidt Show

Author: produzentin

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One thought on “Special Award”

  1. Ugh I’ve tried to post this three times but I keep fucking up. Basically I want to rant that the Teddy Awards are totally stupid for giving NOTES ON A SCANDAL their Audience Award. That movie is NOT GAY, there is no gay sex, no gay kiss. It’s only implied that Judi Dench is gay and even then they only imply it by playing scary music every time her character is on screen – Darth Vader could’ve played that role. At least then the movie would’ve been actually campy rather than trying and miserably failing to be campy. Everything Cate Blanchett is in is automatically shit in my book. SHE IS A SHIT ACTRESS. Especially at the end of the movie when she puts on Siouxsie makeup and runs out into the throng of reporters screaming. A writer in Toronto hit the nail on the head this week by calling Babel “Code Unknown for Dummies” – right on! (Yay Helmut Berger!)

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