So, the Städelparty. When Birgit and I arrived to play for the huge art crowd in an old warehouse in a suburb of Frankfurt, I said to the organizers and staff, that Birgit and I are lesbians (which is true). That provided an awkward and uneasy feeling in the first few minutes of the conversation as nobody knew what to do with that kind of information. We thought that was funny.

It was good to meet all the professors. The pictures are after the jump. I am not sure why I missed professor Mark Leckey, but no worries, we are myspace friends.

Here are all the pictures. Taken by Sabine Reitmaier.

B & P
Birgit and me behind the decks
(Photo by Carmen)

Sabs and Lucie
Lucie and Sabs

auch etwas wie eine familienaufstellung
Callies, Sabs, Michael

h & m
Henning and Michael



with professor Michael Krebber
(Don’t you think he has the cutest look on his face?)

with professor Willem de Rooij
(two additional pictures with Willem de Rooij, just because)

with professor Tobias Rehberger

with professor Wolfgang Tillmanns

I told Wolfgang Tillmanns the most boring story ever. A girl wanted to be my myspace friend and she sent me a myspace message, saying that she had studied at the Städel in Wolfgang’s class (her words). I thought that’s ridiculous but accepted her as a myspace friend nevertheless. (I also thought that I have the Städelparty dj thing coming up and therefore shouldn’t neglect her. Whatever.) He said that he isn’t a full time professor at Städel anymore, he comes in for 7 days per year only. I said that is even better.

By that time I was already thinking about the cute art students again. There was Frederico, who couldn’t keep his hands off my couture. I told him REPEATEDLY that I was NOT interested in him, nor his indecent proposals. And that he in no ways was my type of guy (you all know how my boat floats.)

Frederico is a slut. Period.
(two more pictures with Frederico, just because he’s a ho)

Back to Wolfgang Tillmanns. After seeing me with Frederico he said, that it is of course VERBOTEN for him to make out with the students. Considering that he is only in school for 7 days, I suggested that it might be very easy to cover up his act.

Author: produzentin

drag entity, pie hands & toptions

9 thoughts on “Städelhausen”

  1. it’s wonderful to see lucie animated and up close. it’s also wonderful produzentin hasn’t lost touch with the young peoples after all the encounters with old men in the smoke.

  2. and it is also wonderful to see somebody on who i went to school with in oldenburg (michael b.)

  3. i think michael has been practicing his poses! so cute!!

    Speaking of is your “Brandy” these days??

  4. @ ant: which michael? there are too many michaels, again. michael krebber? yes, i agree: he’s the cutest. but i knew that before, already. that’s why i like him so much. 🙂

  5. The party was wild. But I`ve heard, that on Sunday the crowd destroyed the Städel Cafeteria on the Rundgang-After-Party!!!!
    A few questions:
    Why is hip hop the new art-thing?
    Why does professor Tillmanns wear lipstick and why was produzentin the only one at the Städelparty wearing Couture????

  6. professor tillmanns rubbed off my lipstick! and I was using Margot’s medical adhesive to fix those glitter lips…
    ant: I have to practice that Brandy pose even more. It seemed so easy at first but now it turned into HARD WORK.

  7. Nancy: you’re right..too many michael’s. I was referring to michael krebber, but the other michael looks kinda cute too..

    produzentin: you’ve got 10 days until the UK unveiling of the Brandy pose. work it out girl!

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