Maria’s Kitchen

After a long day of shopping on Saturday, including three hours at b store, we went back to the abandoned apartment and took a disco nap. Later, we got up and headed over to a club where they were playing dub- and grimestep. Mary, Maria and I tried to dance to this silly music but that joint was overrun with toddlers.

With no luck on the dance floor we moved on over to a pub, The Joiner’s Arms. Mary and I heard a rumor that there may or may not be rent boys near the washrooms. So we had a little treasure hunt, when suddenly, Mary’s hand bag went missing. We were all Messhausen from that point on.
Totally bummed out, we headed back to the apartment to sober up.

Sunday morning, to lift our spirits, we had an impromptu photo shoot with all the Bernhard Willhelm stuff that we got our mitts on.

Pictures by Maria.

Ensemble 1: Fräulein

Ensemble 2: Flowers/Dinos

Ensemble 3: Leather/Tree/AC-DC

Sunday afternoon, we received a phone call from a very friendly couple. They told us that they had found the bag and all that was in it, cluttered at a back alley just around the corner from the pub. We picked it up a few hours later. Only a cat had pissed on Mary’s shawl.

Sleepy Eyes

When it became obvious that I had to spend a couple of more weeks in Frankfurt before heading back to Toronto, Mary called me and said: I’m going to be in London on a business trip, girl, you better come over and visit ME.

So, I did. You better not mess with Mary Messhausen.

I arrived in London and Mary was supposed to be staying with a friend of hers but when I got to the address it was an abandoned apartment. After a hard night of drinking and kebabs we pushed through the garbage and went to bed.

In Bed with Bernhard
Waking up in bed with Bernhard Willhelm

And now we shop. Wait and see what we bring home.


i’m waiting for a boat
to help me out of here
the boat that reached my shore
was a toyboat

yoko ono – toyboat (remix by antony (antony and the johnsons) and hahn rowe)
toyboat has a stunning vocal performace by yoko
the wonderful new version is available on her recently released album “yes, i’m a witch”
original version from season of glass

yoko interview at pitchforkmedia
yoko: imagine peace

Special Award

I just watched the Teddy Award (the Queer Film Award of the Berlin International Film Festival) on German-French TV channel arte. I had to sit through the whole show, finally at the end, the Special or better Lifetime Achievement Award is given to Helmut Berger.

He sat down on a brocade sofa and the ridiculous moderator said something like: I was told not to ask you questions as this always causes trouble.

Helmut Berger talks in a mixture of English and German. He then decides on German, proclaiming: “I haven’t spoken German in 40 years.” Pulls out a piece of paper with his notes, reading it: “You are all crazy, handing over this award to me. Do I have to be 63 years old for this?”

Article on the Special Award by Gregor Tholl for dpa including picture
Helmut Berger in the music video to Blumfeld’s Tausend Tränen Tief
Helmut Berger on The Harald Schmidt Show


Continuing with the knife theme.

There has been a lot of talk about this clip on videos.antville and right so.
I am a bit reluctant to post guitar oriented music but if there is such a video?
Who wants to stand by her word all the time?
Ah, can’t you feel the knife?

Grizzly Bear – Knife
Directed by Encyclopedia Pictura

hi-res quicktime via stereogum

With every blow comes another lie

(two words no one needs in the comments: matthew barney)

Trag Nicht Soviel Dreck Rein

Here are my winter charts, but really, I am only listening to Tracey Thorn’s new album, Out Of The Woods (thanks bb). When I heard the opening song, I was quite shocked, thinking I was listening to Sinead O’Connor. That changed with the second song, A-Z, which is one of my favourites.
Although, she uses a lot of phrases (some of them (may be) worn out), it works for me.

You’ve been balanced on a knife
Will the city save your life
You’ve been waiting for so long
Just for somewhere to feel like home

Two more songs need to be singles: Grand Canyon and Raise The Roof. And there is a nice cover version of Arthur Russell’s Get Around To It.

Panda’s been balanced on a knife

I have included links to listen to the songs (#), a lot of them on myspace. Do not judge.

  1. Dennis Ferrer – The World As I See It – Defected – (#)
    This is my favourite deep house album at the moment. Church Lady is the lead single for me. There are a couple of remixes that got released recently but the original is still the best.
  2. Deichkind – Remmi Demmi (Egoexpress Remix D) – Universal – (#)
    I totally missed this one when it was released in Spring of 2006. It just didn’t make it to Canada. 70ties German Bürgerlichkeit mit Katja E. und Sauna und so. The cover looks a bit like an old Bernhard Willhelm collection. Video.
  3. Arnold Jarvis – If I Stay (Jus’ Dope Remix) – Kif – (#)
  4. Vernessa Mitchell – Higher (Silk’s Original Mix) – Silk
    Viola recommended this one after she found it on a disc that Pirahnahead gave her. Extremely uplifting.
  5. Mr. White – You Rock Me / The Sun Can’t Compare – Alleviated Records – (#)
    This one appears on so many DJ lists it is unbelievable. Double A side.
  6. Justus Köhncke – Overhead – Kompakt – (#)
  7. Gary Bardouille – Starting Over (Aaron’s Stripped Down Church Edit) – Soul Heaven – (#)
    He seems to have a very fresh myspace profile with more gospel house songs.
  8. SUMO – Lovebeat (Karizma’s K2 Darq Dub) ft. Clarisse Muvemba – Heya Hifi – (#)
  9. Anane – Walking On Thin Ice (Masters At Work Dub) – Vega – (#)
    I like the dub version of Yoko Ono’s hit best. So raw.
  10. Herb LF – Jam 2 Da Mother / Miles (Soulphiction Remix) – Farside – (#)
  11. Kompis – In Somebody’s Spot (Ralph Myerz Space Shuttle Shuffle Mix) – Sunday Best – (#)
  12. Alexkid ft. Liset Alea – Nightshade (Rodriguez Junior Mix) – F Communications – (#)
  13. Ianeq – The Focaccia Pretext – Mental Groove – (#)
    Das geht so ab. funky.
  14. Jesse Rose – You’re All Over My Head / Evening Standard – Dubsided – (#)
    Sabs said You’re All Over My Head has the sound of a lesbian disco in Paris.


So, the Städelparty. When Birgit and I arrived to play for the huge art crowd in an old warehouse in a suburb of Frankfurt, I said to the organizers and staff, that Birgit and I are lesbians (which is true). That provided an awkward and uneasy feeling in the first few minutes of the conversation as nobody knew what to do with that kind of information. We thought that was funny.

It was good to meet all the professors. The pictures are after the jump. I am not sure why I missed professor Mark Leckey, but no worries, we are myspace friends.

Here are all the pictures. Taken by Sabine Reitmaier.

B & P
Birgit and me behind the decks
(Photo by Carmen)

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JT For You

Birgit and I got close to one hundred requests for Justin Timberlake at the Städelparty.
Here he is in his newest video for What Goes Around … Comes Around, written by Nick Cassavetes, starring Scarlett Johansson.

This is the 9 minutes directors cut, supposedly there is a 34 minute version coming out later. Don’t mess with JT.

“What are you gonna do to entertain me?” asks Scarlett in the opening dialog.

lick it good