produzentin is Plugged In (aber sowas von)

Today is a good a day in more ways than one.
Here is one reason: produzentin can put one more article in her press clippings folder. I think I might need a PR assistant that lends me a hand with these meticulous tasks soon, like any minute now.

produzentin is featured in an article about bloggers in the current issue of the Canadian bi-weekly magazine xtra. Click on the image to enlarge:

So Plugged In

There IS justice in this world: My picture is bigger than bravehound’s.
The picture of Nancy and me at Niagara is also featured on xtra’s main page.
Full article also available online.
All hail to Kevin. Thanks so much.


Just got home from silk screening the posters, below is the scanned version.

This is your last chance to have some Hotnuts this year.
Come and get some, Saturday at the Beaver.

Andrew hosts the night and I am very much looking forward to djing with jaime sin. And my favourite drag performer from last months’ TAAFI Hotnuts is back: Gartina!
This is going to be wonderful.

Hotnuts - Fatnuts

Actually, It Is Two Movies In One

By popular demand, here is my Apocalypto post.

This was the first Mel Gibson movie I saw. When Kevin invited me to join him for the press screening I happily agreed, I thought I’m going to be in for a treat in fantasy language. So not. No fantasy blabbering here, however the Yukatek Maya kind of did the trick for me.

The film has a lot to offer: a man is forced by his friends to eat tapir balls (very disgusting, I know. It happens within the first 10 minutes of the film, right then I knew, this is going to be good), a woman has a water birth (I love the German word Unterwassergeburt) and in the zenith of the film, we get a total eclipse of the sun.
What more can you ask for?

Most violent scene human to human:
Men are sacrificed in the name of the Maya god. Their hearts are ripped out.
I didn’t want to see all the veins.

Most violent scene human to animal:
A tapir is killed and the innards are shared between the hunters. As I mentioned above, one guy is tricked into eating the balls. Turns out later, they aren’t an aphrodisiac.

Most violent scene animal to human:
A panther, with his mouth open wide, jumps into the face of a man and enjoys his dinner. I closed my eyes.

I haven’t seen so much blood and violence in a movie for a very long time, maybe ever.

So, how does this sound? When are you going to see the Apocalypto?

I can see the future and it will be
This child can see the future

A Woman in Trouble

Inland Empire, the new movie by David Lynch has its theatrical premiere in New York and LA in the coming weeks. The 1 minute trailer to the entirely shot on digital video, 3 hour movie is finally online, though it does not work for me on the film’s official site. Try youtube.

According to Lynch, “it’s about a woman in trouble, and it’s a mystery, and that’s about all I want to say about it”. And that’s all I want to know about the film before I see it. I’m hoping for a total mind-bender.
Anyway, as the film is distributed by Lynch himself, I don’t know when the Toronto premiere will be. Hopefully soon.

via papermag:
“One of the first things he (Lynch) did to promote it was cause wild traffic on Sunset Boulevard by sitting out there with a real cow and a sign petitioning an Oscar Nomination for Laura Dern, who indeed gives the performance of her life. Another sign read: “˜WITHOUT CHEESE THERE WOULDN”™T BE AN INLAND EMPIRE.”™ When Variety Magazine asked him why, he replied: “œI ate a lot of cheese during the making of Inland Empire.”
(more pictures of Lynch and cow on Sunset Boulevard)

Thanks Domaine D’or.

My One Wish For Christmas

Christmas Evil.
The greatest Christmas movie ever made.
(John Waters, who provides an audio commentary on the DVD)

I want to watch this movie on Christmas Eve.
Who is going to order it for me and make me the Xmas present of the year?
I’ll write a review. I pomise. Pomise. Pomise.

Want it. Want it. Want it. Want it. Want it. Want it. Want it. Want it.
Need it. Need it. Need it. Need it. Need it. Need it. Need it. Need it.

I hope it is not the biggest slasher, though this might not be possible. I had enough blood this year, when a friend invited me to see Apocalypto last week. But I enjoyed watching it in Yukatek Maya.

Xmas Evil